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On January 18, hundreds of international students from 26 countries at five universities in Anhui province gathered at Anhui Culture Folk Museum to hold a time-travel Qing-style wedding for a New Indian couple.
Rita is one of our SICAS students and is currently studying in Bohai University. What's the life like in China for Rita? Let's read her study-in-China story and find the answer.
Pasha was admitted in MBBS program by Shenyang Medical Collage through SICAS this September.He wants to thank SICAS and the entire crew for helping him to study in China.SICAS IS EFFICIENT, ACCURATE AND RELIABLE. IT IS SICAS.
Monde and Anna who now both study in South China University of Technology reunioned in China today. Let's share this joy together.
A New Life in China ( 2014-11-28 )
After experiencing frustrations and other crisis in Ukraine, Ghana student Kathy Faniyan made a decision to study in China.
Here is a letter from Anna who was just accepted by South China University of Technology. Have a look.
Thandie , an out-going Botswana girl, who was admitted by Jining Medical University just one month ago, has arrived in China for her MBBS study. Let`s share her first story in China!
Wanna to know how to buy SIM card in China? Find an answer form this article!
They say, along the way there are always ups and downs. Moses lost her luggage during the trip to China. Let’s take a look at how he got his luggage back in the end.
Ahmed, a student from the Republic of Yemen, is studying for his bachelor`s degree in Harbin Institute of Technology.
Shadi, a student from Palastien, has spent almost seven years in Central South University(Changsha) for his bachelor`s and master`s degree
Christine, SICAS students from Cameroon has been studying at Huazhong University of Science and Technology since September 2013
Hannah is a SICAS student from Uganda and a sophomore at University of International Business and Economic
Wanna choose a coastal city to study English taught MBBS? Let`s follow Tamara and experience study life in Dalian Medical University
Bryan Spencer in Shanghai, a student for Kansas, shares his experiences of learning Chinese in Nanjing University
Francis Tchiegue, a warm-hearted African from Cameroon and a free-thinking doctor-to-be from China's Beihang University, has become a spotlight celebrity on the Chinese stage.
Eric ,a student from US,is studying at Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Malte Rasch, a student from Germany, has been studying Chinese at Beijing Foreign Language Studies University (BFSU) for three months and plans to continue his studies until next June
Coming Back to China ( 2014-01-11 )
Umme Aiman Ahmad (Moutushi), a Bangladeshi, is currently following an MID program (Master of International Development) in the School of Public Policy & Management of Tsinghua University.
Xavier Fricker, from Dudelange, Luxemburg, tells why and how he changes form sports fan to Chinese medicine enthusiast.
Tei Za Man,a student from Myanmar, shares his college life in Shenyang where he experiences snow for the first time.
Abdulazeez Ahmad Zango comes from Nigerai and is studying in Liaoning University of Technology. He tells a funny story about the difference between "Liaogong" and "Laogong".
Kavita Dattani is a recent graduate from Britain, currently studying Chinese language at Tsinghua University in Beijing.
Shahid Khokhar is in China for his PhD in management sciences from Dalian university of Technology. Lets enjoy his snow desert in Dalian'!
Chad Springer is from the United States and has lived in China for the past six years. He enjoys reading, networking, travelling and studying Chinese.
Kigen, from Kenya,believes that the ties between China and Kenya are getting significantly close and cooperation is evident in many sectors.
(Editor`s note: Eric is studying at Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University. Overseas students come to China for all kinds of reasons. For Eric, it's the Chinese language that attracted him.)
Shakhzod Kurbonov is a Uzbekistan boy. He came to China in this October,it is SICAS guide after he arrived at Jinan airport. Now let`s share his first two days in Jinan
(Editor’s note: Ishak Suruadji, a cute boy from Indonesia, is studying software engineering in Central South University. Here is a period of conversation between campus reporter and him. )
Allen is a young American. She came to China at the Middle of September,it is SICAS guide after she landed in Jinan .Here is her study story in Jinan
Relax Life in Qingdao ( 2013-09-26 )
It is Chikumo 's experience in studying in China.He was admitted by China University of Petroleum (East China) in Qingdao. He has had a relax life in Qingdao. Now let us view his life in Qingdao.
It is Jerry's experience in studying in China.She was admitted by Fudan University in Shanghai.She has had a coloful life in Shanghai. Now let us view her life in Shanghai.
A Wonderful Start ( 2013-09-10 )
Yavuz is a young Turkey guy. He came in China at the late August,it is SICAS guide after he landed in Beijing.Here is his experience with SICAS.
Great Journey in Beijing ( 2013-08-27 )
This is the story of a SICAS student Arzoo studying in Beijing, China. It tells the great life she experienced in Beijing and show her thanks to SICAS.If you want to study in China, SICAS will be the best choice.
Brand-New Life in Qingdao ( 2013-08-01 )
Thank you SICAS for helping me come to China and bringing so many amazing friends into my life!
(Editor`s note: Wanna choose a coastal city to study English taught MBBS program? Let`s follow Tamara and experience study life in Dalian Medical University together with her.)
Bonding Moments in China ( 2011-06-25 )
Studying abroad is a lifetime experience for me, and this is my first time journey in China and I was faced with a mixture of emotions from fear and anxiety about what I was about to discover here in China.
I started to use chopsticks for the first time in my life. In the beginning we were a little bit clumsy, but after a few tries we improved our skills.
Ike's Impression on China ( 2011-06-25 )
China is so relevant to everything we are learning about the ‘business world’ and I am so glad I took the opportunity to see and learn firsthand from the Chinese people how they view people from Africa and the business world.