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Get to Know SICAS

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1. About SICAS
2. Why we established SICAS
3. Functions
4. Relationship with China's universities
5. The Source of Our Managing Expenses


Authorized by a large number of China’s Universities, SICAS is a professional organization offering the most efficient, accurate and safe admission application services for a range of subject s and modes of China’s universities courses. The service tenet of SICAS is to offer international students and their parents make the right decision on each step of the application and help universities process the applications faster and safer. Please keep in mind that SICAS is always there helping you with your application process and your trust will bring strength to SICAS. 

Established date: Oct., 2007.Why We Established SICAS

Diversified demands of international students
China has seen a surge of foreign students with numbers hitting a record high of 256,000 in 2010, and the demands of international students for studying in China have become diversified. An on-line platform is urgently needed to offer international students the most efficient, accurate and safe service from searching the suitable courses to getting admission into university.

Chinese government launched the "Study in China Project" which plans to attract 500,000 foreign students by 2020, after a series of bilateral educational cooperation programs are launched in 2010. This calls for reliable organizations such as SICAS set up to support and promote this project. 

Many governments of the developed countries are willing to send their students to study in China. With the growth of China’s influence and the progress of China’s higher education, more and more governments are willing to send their students to study in China. President Hu Jintao has reached cooperative agreements with French government and the U.S government to increase the number of students from their countries coming to study in China.

To meet the practical demands of international students and go with the “studying in China” trend, SICAS was established in order to help more international students get admissions into China’s universities and colleges.


1. Provide professional advice and support on studying in China for each individual. 
2. Offer the most efficient, accurate and safe online application platform for China’s universities to process international students’ applications from all over the world. 
3. Update universities’ latest information of enrollment and studying in China for international students.

Relationships with China’s universities

As a service provider, SICAS has a broad cooperation and the best relationships with China’s universities. They authorize us to represent them to help publish the latest enrollment information and other useful information. Also, SICAS on-line platform ensures the Chinese Universities to process the applications of international students more efficiently, safely and accurately.

Because we were established on the basis of the invitations and authorizations of the Chinese universities, the Chinese universities usually give priority to applications sent through SICAS and offer the fastest admissions to our applicants. So far, nearly 300 universities have given authorization to us. and have signed formal Cooperation Agreements with SICAS.

The Source of Our Managing Expenses

1. Annual membership fees paid by universities for advertising and consulting.
2. SICAS processing fee paid by international applicants, which is 30 U.S. dollars, including SICAS service fee and consulting fee.
3. SICAS is also supported by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, a famous non-profit Educational Foundation for memorizing Song Qingling (The Wife of Sun Zhongshan).
4. Besides, several Chinese Chambers of Commerce such as Chambers of commerce in Jiangxi, Fujian and Shandong provinces support and sponsor SICAS.