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My Life in China during 2020 Epidemic Outbreak

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I was all prepared to travel for Wuhan on 22nd January 2020, then I canceled my ticket for Wuhan with a heavy heart, and I came back home. It could be my 4th trip to Wuhan since I came to China in 2017. I have a special bonding with Wuhan because my two sisters used to live there in a beautiful apartment, so I have lovely memories of Wuhan.  Now my only one sister is studying in HUST, she was alone, and I wanted to visit her in this winter vacation. Just like everyone, we also planned so many things for this winter, but unfortunately, we couldn’t meet. I moved into a community known as “Hua fu yu cheng” Xi’an, in July 2019. People are so much friendly and caring, here, so I quickly got adjusted here and made acquaintance. I have three years old son “Dawood” with me, and he studies in the kindergarten of this community. We are the only foreigners living in this community, so we got easily famous in this area and received so much love and respect. Even, in this critical situation, they are ready to help me whenever I need it. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many good people.

I belong to Pakistan, and I didn’t go back to my country even in this outbreak as it was not safe to travel with my child, so I preferred to stay here. Our daily life has been affected so much with this epidemic; My son can’t go to kindergarten so I can’t study in the day time. After struggling with frustration and anxiety for many days, I have now made my timetable successfully. So now, I spent my day in exercise, meditation, cooking, playing with Dawood, or watching motivational videos on YouTube. I study at night from 9 pm to 2 am and, read a chapter of any book regularly. This timetable is helping me to stay in positive state. Thankfully, studies keep my mind occupied in the quiet long nights, but still, I lost my patience and burst into tears often without any significant reason.

Today I am feeling extremely vulnerable because of the fast spread of the virus. The epidemic is giving me realization that life is so unpredictable, and it should be meaningful. Being stuck at home is also giving me so much time to reassess my life, being thankful for everything I have and giving me the opportunity to change my habits, goals, and plans which were delay because of my procrastination. I am so much determined to continue this even after this epidemic trauma. China was my dream country since my childhood, and I am living my dream life in China. It is so painful to see this country in this situation. I believe that the way China is dealing with this Epidemic is marvelous; no other country can do that. I am so impressed with the efforts China is doing for its people and foreigners. My university, department, and supervisor are so much concerned about my well-being, which is making me feel that I am not alone in a foreign country. I am praying every day that this virus can be controlled soon, and China may grow in future more than ever before in this entire world. 

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Article source: Pakistan student in Shaanxi Normal Unviersity