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Am I Eligible To Study in China?

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China welcomes students from all over the world. And to meet the different demands of international students, Chinese universities offer various courses. However, some of them have strict requirements on the age ,educational background and some other aspects of the applicant for admission. You may come across the following situations, and then decide whether you can study in China and what kind of courses are suitable for you.

I am from Iran, and our government only allows us to study in a list of Chinese universities, so can I study in some other universities in China?

If you are a Non-degree student, you can. If you are a degree student, you’d better not.

  •  First of all, here is The List of Chinese Universities Recognized by Iran Government. The list might be updated by your government every year, and it is true that the number of the Chinese universities on the list is increasing.
  •  The government of China respects the guidance from all the government in the world on where to study in China, and it will be more practical and convenient for you to study in the listed university which is recommended by your government.
  •  However, please notice that the list is specifically made for the students who want to apply for a degree program in China. If you are coming for a short term Chinese language and culture or any other non degree program, and then you can either choose listed or non listed universities in China.
  •  As everyone knows, there are more than 3000 universities in China, and among them, around 700 universities have the legal right to accept foreign students in China.

If you are an international student facing the above confusion, please contact to decide which university to study in china.

I am 18 (or more than 18) years old and have a High School diploma

1. If you cannot speak Chinese, the following courses may be suitable for you:

Pre-university course (Foundation Course / Pre-college Course): Plenty of Chinese universities offer a one-year preparatory course for international students and most of the classes provide the teaching of the Chinese language and the basic undergraduate knowledge. Tuition rates range from2000 to 5000 U.S. D a year.

English taught Bachelor Degree program: You can apply on SICAS to a number of universities where English-Taught courses are available. Tuition usually costs 2000 to 5000 U.S.D a year. But it is slightly higher for a few universities which may be 9,000 U.S. D per year.  click here to find Top English taught MBBS courses in China, Top English taught B.E.telecommunication courses in China, English taught B.E.mechanical engineering courses in China, Top English taught B.E.Petroleum engineering courses in China, Top English taught BBA/BIT courses in China ,see more on University Rankings

Non-degree Chinese language and culture program: For your convenience, most of the courses are arranged in flexible hours. Tuition differs according to the location of the school and the duration of each class. A six-month Chinese-taught course's tuition rates is 700 to 1,500 U.S. D. One-year Chinese language program costs 1500-3000 U.S. D. 

2. If your Chinese Language reaches a certain level:

Different universities set different requirements concerning the level of your Chinese Language, usually based on HSK results or college entrance exams. Actually, if your Chinese has reached a certain standard, you can apply for the following programs:

  •  non-degree Chinese language and culture courses
  •  almost any of the undergraduate degree courses in Chinese universities.
  •  Besides, for some Chinese-taught courses, you would attend classes with Chinese students, which can create an excellent environment for you.(The tuition rates for undergraduate Chinese-taught courses are usually 1500-4500 U.S.D a year.)

I have gained my bachelor's degree

1. If you cannot speak Chinese

A non-degree Chinese language course, as well as an English-medium Master's degree course (tuition rates is about 4000 U.S. D to 8000 U.S.D per year) is available to meet your need.

2. If your Chinese Language reaches a certain level:

You can apply for non-degree Chinese language and culture courses and Master's degree courses according to your education background (tuition rates cost 3500 U.S. dollars to 4500 U.S. dollars per year). Most schools will provide classes for both international students and Chinese students who will attend classes together. However, Different universities set different requirements for master applicants concerning the level of your Chinese Language, usually based on HSK results or entrance exams)

I have attained my master's degree

In general, having got a master’s degree, you can choose any type of course offered by Chinese universities, including non-degree language and culture courses and doctoral degree courses. Frankly speaking, there are lots of universities who open English taught programs for Doctor Applicants, however, it’s not easy to choose the right one and to be accepted within a short time. You’ll need the professional help from SICAS to ensure you a proper and effective acceptance by a renowned Chinese university. Please also note that when applying for a doctoral degree, you usually have to bring with you the English proficiency test results, transcripts, letters of recommendation and other entry requirements. Besides, you should also pay attention to the specific requirements of each major. PHD candidates are often requested to have an interview, If you need any help, please be sure to contact SICAS closely by Tuition rates usually vary from 3,000 to 6000 U.S.D per year.

What should I do if I want to send my son (daughter) to study in China, but he (she) is under the age of 18, and doesn’t have any high school diploma?

To study Chinese language and culture course, the applicants can be enrolled, if they don’t have any education background, by both the public universities in China or some special language training schools in China, especially in some modern cities such as Beijing , Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian. And these schools usually do not set restrictions on age or require a certain educational background. However, most of the time, if the applicants are under 18 years old, they are required for a letter of consent from the guardian.

SICAS are very professional and reliable on the arrangement of tour study in China for groups of students under the age of 18 welcome partners all over the world to contact us for tailored programs:

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