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Ike's Impression on China

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( Editor’s note: Ike is a student from Ghana. He applied and is now currently studying Telecommunication Engineering in Shandong University of Science and Technology through SICAS. Ike likes Chinese cultures and he appreciates SICAS for helping him get admission letter into his university. )

My friends call me Ike and I’m from Ghana. I have been in China now for a month, but it does seem like it’s been much longer. In part, it is because we are so busy and have seen and done so many new things. In addition, we have made some really close friends here and spend a great deal of time with them; cooking dinner, barbequing, going out, playing soccer, watching movies, and mostly just visiting and hanging out with friends. I have not had friends like this, where we all hung out in large groups, since I was in high school. It is really nice and certainly allows for a much smoother transition to life in China. Hope to learn more about the culture and language of China since I will be spending four years in my school. The only thing I need to get use to while I am here in China is the food. And most of all, I am not comfortable walking on the campus or on the street while Chinese people look at me as if I don’t belong, maybe because the color of my skin. Time comes Chinese people will get use to it.

China is so relevant to everything we are learning about the ‘business world’ and I am so glad I took the opportunity to see and learn firsthand from the Chinese people how they view people from Africa and the business world. I decided to study in Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology, China Business Administration and International Relations program because it fit perfectly with my majors. In addition, the Chinese culture has also always intrigued me greatly and I was eager to learn more about it.

I learned that I am very comfortable with myself and my culture, and am able to encapsulate myself in another environment with different customs, rituals and beliefs. Moreover, I learned that Chinese people are extremely nice and welcoming and their culture is rich and interesting. China, like many other countries, has many stereotypes and misconceptions that should be cleared. The only way to free ourselves from these falsities is to become open minded individuals who are willing to learn, understand and appreciate the differences among us.

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