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A New Rising Star on Printmaking – Thailand Student Leepanuwong, Ruttiporn

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Name:  Leepanuwong,Ruttiporn                         Nationality: Thai
Overseas Studying Period: 2011-2015 Alma    Mater: Central South University 
Graduated Major: Design Art                                Graduated As: Master

Achieved Position: Her works was selected into 2013 China · Guanlan International Printmaking Biennial

In March 2012, Leepanuwong graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts of Burapha University,Thailand. Now she is studying in the School of Architecture and Art of Central South University, majoring in Printmaking, as a postgraduate student with Chinese Government Scholarship. She is good at capturing inspiration from daily life; therefore most of her works are about the lives of ordinary people. This feature is well illustrated in her series works-- The Living of Life.  She says:” Ordinary scenes of life, which most people are used to, mean something different to me. It represents a simple life and I can feel it with my heart. On the way to my work studio every day, I can see many details of such ordinary scenes of life; I define such life as Human Activity Art.

Recalling these three years of studying in China, Leepanuwong says that it was tired but pleasant. She says that at the beginning of her study in China, she should go to the Railway Campus for classes while the dormitory was in the South Campus, which meant that she had to shuttle exhaustedly between two campuses. What was even worse, as her overseas study had just began, she found herself unaccustomed to the weather in Changsha. That period was quite tough for her. However, she never shrank at all but focused herself more on the creation of works. Gradually, she has not only overcome all difficulties, but also adapted herself to new life and fallen deeply in love with Central South University and China. Leepanuwong has grown much more mature and steady over these experiences; moreover, she has become more patient and more exquisite when creating works. The affection of Printmaking has helped Leepanuwong to beat the tedious work in creation of works. She says though it takes a month to complete a piece of Printmaking works, one line after another by pen, one point after another to engrave on the copper plate, she will never get bored, on the contrary, she always finds fun and quite enjoys the whole process. As the saying goes, “Interest is the best teacher”. To a large degree, Leepanuwong’s success in Printmaking should credit to her passion for it.

New Star of Printmaking
During the graduate education, Leepanuwong has achieved many impressive achievements. Through her own efforts, Leepanuwong has created many excellent Printmaking works. And one of her works was published on a core journal, “Art China”. In 2013, Leepanuwong’s works were selected into “China • Guanlan International Printmaking Biennial”, which is the very thing that brings her the most pride. This fair is a high-end platform for the communication and exhibition of international Printmaking. It is highly concerned by artists all over the world. Leepanuwong’s works stood out from thousands pieces of works, that was really marvelous. On talking about the experience of participating in the exhibition, Leepanuwong still could not hide the joy in her heart and she told us the whole process in detail:” I sent my works almost one year before I received the portfolio, Guanlan International Printmaking Biennial Collection, from Guanlan Original Printmaking Base. I could not believe it that my works were in the portfolio. It was a big surprise for me after long time waiting. My works was on the same book with works from Printmaking masters all over the world. What a pride!” In the October of 2014, she was invited to the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base for gathering with famous international Printmaking artists. In the Printmaking Village, she communicated with those artists from all over the world, as well as created works with them. She felt very inspiring when her name was listed together with the other artists’.

In the Eyes of Her Classmates

“The number of Thailand students in our school is increasing each year,” said Leepanuwong,” When I came here, there were only 3 Thailand students in all. Now there are more than a dozen. And I have more and more fellow-countrymen. As an elder sister, Leepanuwong shows much concern for her fellow-students from Thai and she impresses them a lot with her tenderness and kindness. One of the Thailand students, Lin, said that:” She is always patient and she is a great cook. I bet that she will be a good wife.” Besides, her Chinese classmates have a good opinion of her too. Yuan Xiaoyun, her younger schoolmate under the same major, commented:” Leepanuwong is adorable and she studies very hard. As her younger schoolmate, I have much to learn from her.”

In the Eyes of Tutors
Lu Yu, the associate professor in the School of Architecture and Art of Central South University, is the supervisor of Leepanuwong. He highly admires Leepanuwong, ” Leepanuwong is a fairly good student and has strong implementation. Besides, she has good ability to apperceive visual arts and painting arts. She has made more than 40 pieces of works during her study here. She works even harder than many domestic students.” On the subject of Guanlan International Printmaking Biennial, Lu said:” It is really something awesome for a student to enter such exhibition, because most of the exhibitors are famous artists from all over the world.  It was said that Guanlan was very satisfied with her performance and would invite her again in next year. What’s more, Leepanuwong was selected to Chian•Lingshi International Printmaking Biennial. This exhibition picked only 100 famous domestic and overseas artists, I am proud that Leepanuwong is among them”

Such is a tender and delicate Thailand girl, who is watering her flower of dream on the soil of Central South University. Her dream is thriving by the practice day after day and persistence year after year and it will bloom on the global stage of Printmaking and become a shining star. She believes that there is never a mountain top unreachable by hands or a road end unreachable by feet. Even the road ahead is full of thorns, but she will still tread on and transform the trial of thorns into a road paved with roses.

Source: CSC

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