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Sultan's First Day -- Registration

Views:879 Time:9/14/2015 10:43:50 AM

(Editor's Note: Sultan Mohammad Abdul Wakil, coming from Afghanistanwas admitted by University of International Business and Economics. Read the story of Sultan's First Day -- Registration)

SICAS Student Service Team Member Lilian went to the hotel which the student lives in. After having a self-introduction to each other, they went downstairs to go to the University of International Business and Economics.

Caught a taxi in the front of the hotel and had a happy chat in the taxi. Sultan and his friend were curious about China so that they asked many questions about China which they could not understand.

Went to the international building which is for overseas students. It was a little crowded because there were so many overseas students.

Followed the queue.

SICAS Student Service Team Member Lilian  helped him to finish the tables he had to fill and submitted to teachers. And also translated the information about his class and something important that the teacher told him.

After finished itLilian found the Muslin cafeteria for them in the college. They had a happy lunch time.

Next day, SICAS Student Service Team Member Lilian will help Sultan to have physical examination. Let's look forward to Sultan's Second Day.