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How Does the University Do After the Outbreak of the COVID-19?

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My name is AIMUTASEM YAHYA MOHAMMED ALRAWHANI.I have been studying Chinese in Yunnan Minzu University for one year.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, I plan to stay on campus, abide by the rules and regulations from the school, try my best not going outside and keep a regularly lifestyle. I know all the measures that the school adopted are protecting us from the infection. During the special time, I continue taking courses regularly. I do not want to waste my time, so I fully use the time that I can finish my learning progress well. 


Although I am a foreign student, I feel that I am part of this country and I should stand with my Chinese friends.


How does the University do after the outbreak of the COVID-19?

What I want to say most is that my university is really working hard to keep us safe on campus and provided the protective items, such as masks, temperature gauges, disinfectants, etc..


What really surprised me and moved me a lot are the visits of the Dean, Vice Dean and teachers of International School. They all care for us. The Dean’s words are cultivating hope, spreading loves and motivating us all over the winter vacation. Right now, all of my friends and I are in good health. The teachers offered us full help if there was any problem. The university and our School would solve the problems we meet timely and support us.


I have been staying with China. It is terribly wrong that some international circles think China is unsafe or Chinese are virus. I am here but I am not afraid of getting along with the Chinese people. Oppositely, I think China is a very responsible country and they will keep us safe as they protect and care for themselves.


A person's life is so fragile that we must be united and prevent this epidemic. Besides, we should avoid spreading and believing the rumors.


In the end, I would like to say that China is not alone in this battle. Despite our races and nationalities, all of us choose to stand with China, fight with the virus together and make great efforts for winning the battle.

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