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Brief Interview to Indonesia Student, Ishak

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( Editor’s note: In order to know more about International students' life in China, we SICAS Team have take part in an activity to have a talk with students recently. Ishak Suruadji, a cute boy from Indonesia, is studying software engineering in Central South University. Here is a period of conversation between SICAS Reporter and him.   )


SICAS Reporter: What were you doing before you came to Central South University?

Ishak : Before I came to Central South University, I was studying at a high school in Sang Timur, west of Jakarta.


SICAS Reporter: Why did you choose to come to China to study in Central South University?

Ishak : I went to an education fair in Jakarta, where I met one of Indonesian student who was a student at Central South University. He introduced me to the university and from what he described to me about Central South University, I was interested and wanted to know more. I was also very aware of the economic development of China and the way it rivaled with the American market as the largest economy in the world.


SICAS Reporter: What do you think of the courses in Central South University?

Ishak : I am studying Bachelor degree of Software Engineering. I think lessons at this university are very good and are taught by well- qualified teachers. In addition Chinese lessons at Central South University are also very good and the friendly teachers give me so much new knowledge about China both in academically and culturally.


SICAS Reporter: Did you experience any cultural shock during your first week in Changsha?

Ishak : When I first came to China I felt awkward because neither English or Chinese were my native tongue. As time went on however, after getting to know my classmates and other Indonesian friends I got use to my new life and now I am very happy studying in Changsha at Central South University.


SICAS Reporter: How do you feel of the professors in Central South University? Who is your favorite professor? 

Ishak : I think the professors at Central South University are good and experienced in their fields. My favorite professor is Aaron Mateson, he comes from America. I can easily understand what is described by him as he teaches very clearly, and if any one of us does not understand, he would explain in more detail so that we really understand. When all the students have understood then he will go to the next chapter.


SICAS Reporter: Do you find SICAS  Service Team helpful?

Ishak : Yes, of course. They help me with any issues I may have, big or small. The staff are always friendly, kind and helpful. I really enjoy the activities the SICAS Office organize too because it helps me meet new international and Chinese students.


SICAS Reporter: How do you like Changsha so far?

Ishak : I like Changsha because the city is friendly and clean in comparison to other cities I have been to. There are plenty of places to and see. Something it can get a bit cold with the wind of Changsha but I just make sure I wear plenty of clothes and wrap up warm.


SICAS Reporter: What do you do in your free time? What is your social life in Changsha?

Ishak : When I am not working hard on my degree I like to take part in any activities that the SICAS Office organize. I like visiting different places in Changsha and neighboring towns. I also enjoy playing pool and going to church with my classmates.

SICAS Reporter: Can you get a taste of home while you are staying in Changsha?

Ishak : I love all types of food especially food from my own country Indonesia. So I am lucky here in Changsha because most of the Chinese food here is very similar to the food I eat in my home country. There are plenty of restaurants I like here but my favourite is a small but unique restaurant called xinxin chuancai. I recommend everyone to try it!


SICAS Reporter: What is your future plan?

Ishak : I am not too sure what I want to do in the future just yet. I am a keen photographer and want to use these skills along with the important and valuable business knowledge I have gained at Central South University to start my own independent photography business.

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