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The Spirit and Soul of SICAS Is “Student First”

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The Spirit and soul of SICAS is “Student First”.

Meanwhile,“Your Future, we care……” is always memorized by each and every member of SICAS.

SICAS offer SICAS "Plus Service Package"for students.

-----The authentic personally-tailored Package for each individual to Study in China's Universities!

SICAS “Plus Service Package” is an Admission-Guarantee and authentic One for One, One-Stop Service package. It does not only include all the services of the SICAS “Standard Service Package” but also include the service specially tailored for your own demand, including but not limited as following, such as a certain university’s Admission Letter-Guarantee Service specially requested by you. 

SICAS signs SICAS “Plus Service Package” Agreement with each SICAS “Plus Service Package” applicant to guarantee the following service will be performed perfectly.

· Admission & JW202 Guarantee

· Admission Speed-up 

· Visa Application Preparation 

· Pre-departure Training 

· Accommodation arrangement

· Airport Pick-up

· Registration on Campus Accompany

· Police Registration & Resident Permit  Guidance

· Medical Check Guidance in China  

· New Students Orientation Week

· Long-term Parents-style Care

01.  Admission & JW202 Guarantee
According to the transcripts, language skills, personal interests and other specialties etc. of each applicant, SICAS “Plus Service Package” offer different kinds of Guarantee Service:

· Choice A:  It may allow you to choose at least 3-7 universities/subjects to be written in the agreement, and guarantee you to get at least one Admission Letter 100% successfully.

· Choice B:  If you have a very special request for getting Admission Letter & JW202 for a certain university/subject in China, you can mention it to your SICAS Advisor. SICAS Advisor will tell you  if you are suitable for Choice B to be signed in the Agreement.


02. Admission Speed-up 
You may get your Admission Letter in 24-72 hours for some universities.


03. Visa Application Preparation 

· SICAS helps you to prepare and post all the original Visa Application Documents requested by China Embassy and keep supervising in each step to support you to get your Visa easier and faster. 

· SICAS offers you Online Visa Application Training for free to make your visa application easier. 


04. Pre-departure Training 
SICAS offers you Online Pre-departure Training for free to train you 

· How to prepare your luggage and make a travel plan; How to book the safest and fastest airline with the lowest price; How to do the transit abroad and in China;

· How to reply to the immigration officer and custom officer when you enter China to avoid unnecessary problem;

· What is the legal procedure when you reach China; And Campus; What must you do immediately.


05. Dorm Arrangement Guarantee

· Although dorm on campus of each university is always limited, SICAS will arrange it if you need it.

· SICAS will help you “rent an apartment” in a safe district near your campus if you need it.

· SICAS also help you to check and sign the Apartment Renting Agreement between you and your Landlord to avoid any renting problems in the future, and make sure all the items will be right within the define of the Law of Chinese Central Government & Local Government, and also the regulation of Universities and Police Station, PR.C. 

Dorm Arrangement Guarantee 1Dorm Arrangement Guarantee 2

06. 24-hour Safe Airport Pick-Up
With SICAS “Plus Service Package”, SICAS staff will pick you up at any time, even at mid-night in China, and then send airport pick-up pictures immediately to your parents in your home-country via email or short message on the very minute of your’ safe arrival in China. Most of the time, the drivers are English speakers.

24-hour Safe Airport Pick-Up 124-hour Safe Airport Pick-Up 2

07.  Registration on Campus 

· SICAS Student Service Team Member will bring you to the regarding offices to do the Registration according to each university’s registration procedure. 

· SICAS will also make sure your registration will be accepted by university, and there will not be any troubles. 

Registration on Campus 1Registration on Campus 1

08. Police Registration & Resident Permit  
SICAS makes sure that each student will complete Police Registration within the time duration defined by the law and also get the legal Resident Permit to study in China every year during their study in China. Both are compulsory for a foreigner’s legal stay in China, and requested by China Immigration and Police Station.

Police Registration & Resident Permit  1Police Registration & Resident Permit  1

09. Medical Check Accompany in China  
This is compulsory and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit. SICAS help you do it at the right time to avoid unnecessary penalties. 

Medical Check Accompany in China 1Medical Check Accompany in China 2

10. Insurance in China  
This is compulsory and requested by Ministry of Education, P.R.China & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.R.China. SICAS make sure that you’ll get the right type of insurance and the insurance company that you’ve chosen can really help when the regarding issues (like car and health issue) arise.


11. New Students Orientation Week
For the first week, SICAS arrange specific SICAS Student Service Team Member to take care of  you whole week, 24/7. You will be assisted in shopping, banking, booking tickets and hotel, linking with all professional Departments, finding religious venues, etc. SICAS Student Service Team Members are fluent in English, Chinese and full of experience to handle any emergent issue for you.

New Students Orientation Week 1New Students Orientation Week 2

12. Long-term Parents-style Care

SICAS offer to SICAS "PLUS Service Package" Students a four to six years 24 hours parents -style care for any urgent issue or accident of SICAS Students.

Other Matters:

· A Whole Package: SICAS has offered SICAS “Plus Service Package”as a whole package for the last 10 years. According to our 10 years hands-on experience, it shows all these services are indivisible for a student's smooth stay and study in China. This means that whether or not you request it at the beginning, those services in the package are practically needed by any student when they landed in China. Therefore, SICAS strongly suggests that you and your parents purchase this package if you don't have financial difficulty. 

· Refund Policy of SICAS “PLUS Service Pakcage”

SICAS Tips: Currently, the SICAS Plus Service Package can only be started with your email to us at Remember, it's "personally-tailored for each individual" in need of detailed communication. 


SICAS “Plus Service Package” Application Procedure:

1st, Complete Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 on SICAS online (or by email)
2nd, Sign SICAS “Plus Service Package” Agreement & Make payment for “Plus Service Package”
3rd, Track your Admission Status and your Admission Letter and JW202 form on the system (or by email)
4th, Receive the original Admission Letter and JW202 form by post, and then accept SICAS Visa online Application Training,
5th, Accept SICAS Pre-departure training and then fly to China.
SICAS “Plus Service Package” Arrival Procedure:
6th, Airport pick-up
7th, Registration on campus& Police Station Registration
8th, Medical check in China
9th, Resident Permit
10th, New Students’ Orientation Guide