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Greeting to SICAS and My Living at Liaoning University of Technology

Views:511 Time:12/21/2013 12:00:00 AM

(Editor`s note: Abdulazeez Ahmad Zango comes from Nigeria and is studying  Liaoning University of Technology. He tells a funny story about the difference between "Liaogong" and "Laogong".)

Abdulazeez Ahmad Zango in his dorm

Hello! i am Abdulazeez Ahmad Zango from Nigeria my bunch of grateful and appreciation goes to SICAS for making me to actualized my dreams, further more my salutation and regards should be extend to my eloquent advisor Troy and his colleague Yoyo who also guided me during his absent or busy period while filling the application on the SICAS website. 

I am also impressed with SICAS website because its really help an applicant in selecting good Course in appropriate University. Now i am about to round off my first (1) semester at Liaoning University of Technology, studying Electronics and Information Engineering. My academic career and all aspect of life in this present environment are all moving as expected, likewise the teachers are so firm and ever ready to impart the knowledge.

But the only two (2) threat or challenges i was facing before is the nature of the weather and communication barrier because i could remembered a day we went out with a friend that came before me, so when coming back to school i heard him saying "Liaogong" to the taxi driver and he dropped us in school then some other day i went out alone when coming to school i also told the taxi driver "Laogong" and the taxi driver responded to me that he is not yet married coincidentally i met a student also dropping at the school and then we dropped together when entering the school to also together with him i asked him and corrected me by saying "Laogong means Husband" while "Liaogong means Liaoning student" .

But now i have started adopting the atmospheric nature of the environment and also i learnt some useful everyday expressions and i believed with time my tongue will adopt the language well.