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Chinese Government Scholarship Winners in Yangtze University

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Chinese government scholarship offers financial assistance for overseas students to fund their studies in China. Here are the stories of Chinese government scholarship winners in Yangtze University:

My name is Consolatha Chambi Shija from Tanzania located eastern part of Africa.  Currently, I am a postgraduate student major Plant Protection at Yangtze University in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. I am grateful to be granted a Chinese Government Scholarship to accomplish my dreams. I feel lucky to be admitted at esteemed university like Yangtze which has favorable and good environment for studying.  

My first experience since I arrived in china was so difficulty to follow Chinese language but as day goes, I become more interested to lean and speak Chinese. Now I am familiar with the Chinese culture, food and dressing style. The kindness, politeness and hospitality of Chinese people made me feel proud and more interested to learn Chinese traditions with no difficulties.

My sincerely gratitude’s to International student office, my supervisor, class mates and postgraduate Lectures for their support to ensure my safe stay at Yangtze University. I am very confident that my postgraduate study at Yangtze University will provide me a milestone in my career along with valuable experiences that will be of great achievements toward pursuing my career and strong foundation in plant protection.

We are Anja and Milos. We come from Montenegro. We finished our bachelor degree studies in our country at University of Montenegro, and we are here for master degree. Our major is civil engineering. We chose China because we think that is the most prospective country in the world for our major.

First days in Jingzhou were not easy at all because we come from Europe and here is everything different. With the help of our new friends, which are very easy to get here in Jingzhou and Yangtze University because people are very friendly and kind, thanks to people from the International Students Office which are also very friendly and we feel here like at home.

Like we said we are here to improve our knowledge of civil engineering and in that we have a enormous help from our professors and they are very professional and available for all students. They want to convey knowledge in the right way. In our major we need to do a lot of researches and practice in which they give us a lot of help, motivation and advices.

Sincerely we were suspicious how will we get with China, Chinese people, food and culture but now only we can say that we are very happy and satisfied with all of that and we think this is our best experience in the life. We suggest everyone to come to study at Yangtze University. You will surely like it!

My name is Eshpulat Iskandarov from Uzbekistan, the country situated Central Asia. I graduated my bachelor degree studies in my country at Tashkent state Institute of Oriental studies and I am here for master degree in Enterprise management. So I want to continue studying management because there are many different areas, specialties, and practices to encounter in the age of globalization and rapid changing technologies.

When I arrive in Yangtze University I met many Chinese and Foreign students and they were so polite, kind and helpful. At first, learning Chinese was a bit challenging but interesting, also with the help of the caring teacher, I’m slowly learning Chinese language. I can find foods and I am familiar with numerous restaurants around university now. I got lots of help from the International Student of Office and they made us very comfortable life here. There are more than one thousand international student from different countries who are friendly and very socializing with them. I sincerely thanks the International student office, my supervisor, class mates and postgraduate lectures for their support to ensure that I accomplish my studies at Yangtze University.

I am very happy here and enjoy to study life in china. Life is so convenient for studying here. I think that Yangtze University is one of the best universities in China. I hope that my goals will be achieved with the help of this university.

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