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Study in China Top 10 Destination Guide: Changchun

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Study in Changchun
Highlights of Changchun
Changchun only has a history of 200 years and it is a brisk young city. It is the capital of Jinlin Province and it is the political, economical and cultural center of Jinlin Province.
Changchun has been renowned as "city of movies" and "city of automobile". It is the cradle of Chinese film production. The film studio in Changchun has produced over 600 films since its establishment in 1946. Some of the old films still linger on throughout the country.
Changchun is an ideal winter tourist destination. The freezing cold weather has resulted in some of the finest ski resorts in China.

Changchun is located in the center of the Songliao Plain and has a semi-wet, monsoon type climate; therefore, temperatures vary much throughout the year. The weather in winter is cold, with a permanent covering of snow. As for clothing, heavy warm clothes are required to cope with the cold weather in early spring and winter.



Changchun Longjia International Airport is located in between Changchun and Jilin City. It opened on August 27th 2005 and is capable of handling more than 3.2 million passengers per year.


Currently, Changchun Railway Station and West Railway Station are in service in Changchun for passengers' convenience.


Three lines are now in operation, and other 4 lines are in construction.

Changchun is famous for its fertile soil and abundant resources with various delicacies providing rich sources for gourmet dining. What interest visitors most are the game dishes, as they are found in no other part of China, though Changchun dining still presents other cuisines of China.

Located in Northeast China, Changchun is the distributing center for special local products and crafts in Jilin Province. In Changchun, tourists can buy all kinds of special local products in Northeast China, including the three treasures in Northeast: ginseng, cartialgenous and marten.

As the capital city of Jilin Province, Changchun is blessed with many fantastic natural and historical attractions.

The nightlife in Changchun is not as colorful as that in other big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but it still has its own distinctive flavor if you experience it personally. Like other big cities, various pubs, clubs, cafés, teahouses and other amusement centers are available for visitors' enjoyment.


Jilin Jianzhu University
Jilin University
Changchun University of Science and Technology
Northeast Normal University
Jilin Agriculture University
Changchun Normal University
Changchun University of Technology

Students in Changchun

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