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Being a Businessman After My Graduation Part I

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With pale skin, deep eye sockets, and a typical Central Asian face, this is David from, Uzbekistan. David who is studying Language Program at the Ocean University of China is 25 years old since he traveled to Qingdao for studying, he has been staying here for almost two years until 2018. Whenever he is interviewed about life in Qingdao, he responds that he has had a great time in Qingdao and barely ever thought of himself as a foreigner. The reason for him staying in Qingdao is quite simple. Being impressed by the amazingly beautiful and attractive view here, he planned on studying here when he was taking a trip before his study at university in China. Therefore, they applied for taking courses in the Language Program at the Ocean University of China. With David is learning in Fu Shan district, his brother now is studying in Lao Shan District.

Either in a supermarket or Taxi, people scan code to pay with their phone, which made him very confused at first. He asked his Chinese teacher about why code scanning pays for bills. Then he had his answer-- mobile payment which is one of Chinese four inventions. Now, David has known his way of paying via Alipay or WeChat wallet. When he came to Qingdao at the beginning, there were many things that he did not get used to. He did not know the direction, and can only express himself with this” or “that  which caused him many troubles. Once, he lost his way in Taitung when his phone powered off. A couple pointed out the direction and lead him to the station, especially when he had no clue and was at a loss. He was very grateful for their help. Now I knew how to use Baidu Map to direct. I rarely lose my ways now.David let the reporter have a look at his phone on which are Apps that are frequently used in China.    TO BE CONTINUED

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