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ZNU | The Asian Games venues are watched continuously!

Views:843 Time:5/6/2022 2:19:26 PM

Three international students from Zhejiang Normal University International College  invited  to visit the takraw stadium of Jinhua Sports Center Stadium, and to experience this "kicked volleyball" together.

The three foreign students in our school are ALI MD YEAD from Bangladesh, SAPKOTA PRAKASH Zhang Kai and BHAILA NABIN from Nepal. After hearing that their major is Chinese International Education. It is very difficult for a student whose native language is not Chinese come to study Chinese teaching. After returning to my home country, I want to be a Chinese teacher and promote Mandarin," said SAPKOTA PRAKASH Zhang Kai firmly. The other two also expressed their aspirations to become Chinese teachers. When asked about the reason and purpose of learning Chinese, they agreed: "More and more people are learning Chinese in our country". 

After 3 international students said that they had never played the sport of takraw, the 2 coaches present explained the rules of takraw for them, and then gave a simple demonstration. The 3 international students immediately understood the rules, so the international students and the coaches held a "discussion" together. In the end, the international students in our school won the friendly match with a slight advantage. The two coaches said: "They have made great progress, and foreign friends are still very athletic!"

This  promoted the ancient takraw sport, but also visited the Asian Games venues and displayed the beautiful Jinhua, which once again inspired the enthusiasm and expectations of the audience and friends for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games!