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Overseas Student Sofie from Ukraine

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Chinese companies in Ukraine is more and more common, which inspired me to choose to learn Chinese. Being proficient in Chinese benefits my professional career. Before I arrived at the Ocean University of China, I was greatly expecting and nervous about my overseas study in China. Everything seemed strange to me at the beginning. And I could only say a few words like Hello,Goodbyeand had few friends, I was homesick then. But, since Qingdao is a sea city, I can walk on the beach and have my mood relaxed. 

Gradually, the more Chinese words that I learned in classes, the more I am familiar with them. I started to try to communicate with local people and build conversations with them. During weekends, I visit many places of scenery which are very appealing and incredibly attractive views. And we can even pay for ticket to resort spot by mobile phones.


Also, I found Chinese folk cultures are very interesting. I went to Shazikou Fair with my friends. I had a great time there. During the winter solstice, my friends invited me to prepare dumplings for dinner in her home with her family. I was proud of myself to make dumplings myself which tasted very delicious. I started to understand peoples lives here. I got myself more involved with local lives by participating in Bell Ringing on New Years Day in Laoshan Mountain.

My Chinese has been increasingly better after spending two years staying in Qingdao, I met friends around the world. As for how I have adapted to my life of overseas study, I fell in love with the city and local people here. I dont feel alone anymore nor do I feel homesick, for I have many friends who care about me. I am looking forward to the future.

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