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China Will Win the War against Corona

Views:679 Time:2/18/2020 12:00:00 AM
Thank you a lot for giving me such chance to express my gratitude and feeling to SNNU, the answer to the first question is YES I'm in the campus, feeling sad but not for what is happening to me but for what is happening in China/Wuhan, hope it will soon recover, I'm not that one who ran away in difficult time because of epidemic I always believe that China will overcome such affliction and it will be stronger than ever before, China who created one of the seven wonders of the world  is able to create new wonders doubtless, we are not afraid at all because our breath and heartbeats is full of hope power and determination, unyielding hope for tomorrow , we are just foreign students in China so all we can do is hope, patience, prayers and obeying the laws.

China is a new phenomenon in the world, we came from our countries to contribute in such phenomenon, no distraction or calamities held back Chinese progress or will stop China train of prosperity, advancement and initiative from moving on, because it has already started its journey and it will reach to the destination, fortunately we get in it, it's true that the way ahead is difficult and there will be ordeals but China will surmount it. China is presenting free lessons to the whole world of unity, strength, sacrifice , potentialities, power and nationalism while most countries keep their eyes open ears intent to see and hear what befall to China, its new lesson in the history of humankind on how to fight epidemics on how to protect others. The wisdom says "When there is a well always there is a way" 

My daily life nowadays is keeping myself inside for protecting myself and others, our spirits are hovering over Wuhan our mind non-stop thinking about it, but I never felt frustrated or disappointed but a little bit bored, luckily, the teacher who  everyday contacts me to ask about my health is very funny and she is a great help in this time, she relived me and strengthen my hope, my thanks to ISO for their great effort they exert every day and their readiness to help at any time, my  gratitude to my supervisor who contacts me to be assured I'm alright I have got a sense of serenity ,feeling like I'm at home.

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