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My Experience at University of International Business and Economics, Beijing
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(Editor`s note: Hannah is a SICAS student from Uganda and  a sophomore at University of International Business and Economics.)

Hananh in Beijing

Coming to China and studying at  University of International Business and Economics was the most wonderful decision I have ever made in my life. From the very first day I felt it was an overwhelmingly friendly environment. The staff and the students are so friendly that you seldom feel homesick.  You can make friends from different countries  and learn about their culture, especially Chinese culture.

I did a lot of research before selecting the International Trade at University of International Business and Economics. I spoke with former students and was constantly in touch with SICAS Advisors find out more information about the course. I got good feedback from my SICAS Advisor , who helped me a lot in making my decision to pursue my Bachelor`s Degree at UIBE. 

It was great to get the opportunity to study in one of the China`s most famous Business schools. All the lectures and business meetings I took apart in helped me learn a lot.

The campus life  also taught me to manage my time effectively. In addition to my studies, I have learned play ping-pang, go to gym and hang out the Beijing city with my friends. 

Finally, I would say is University of International Business and Economics is  place where you can learn a lot, while having fun at the same time.


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