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My University, My Life

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Hello, everyone.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Tupilwe Kakumba Simbao from Zambia.  I have studied Law in University of Jinan for 1 year. 

I think it is my responsibility to write my story to recommend both SICAS and my university - University of Jinan. Because SICAS fulfill my dream to study in China, and University of Jinan changed my life.

Firstly, I must say thanks to my SICAS advisor - Irene:

She is Excellent. I am so satisfied with her manner of handling my application. She is very encouraging, patient and will explain to you something many  times as long as you are still not clear. 

She responds to you in such a way you want to tell her more even what she has not asked you. She is simply MARVELOUS!

Now, I will tell you my campus life:


When I first step into the university, I was deeply impressed by the beautiful campus scenery and atmosphere. At that time, I was sure that my choice is definately correct.

I walked to the classroom through the alameda( the picture on the left)  everyday. When there are no classes, I always go to the Jiazi Lake( the picture on the right) with my classmates. It was one of the most popular places in University of Jinan.

If you come to University of Jinan, I recommended you to the Shundao Art Museum. Amazing there! It has an exhibition area of 3000 square meters and 20 lights showcases. About 150 pieces of works can be displayed .

Most important, in order to aspire after fine arts and original works, Shundao Art Museum is also dedicated to holding various exhibition including masters’ works and art salon.

Dining is the most attractive for me. My Chinese friends always call me "chihuo“. Well, I like that cute name. Food in University of Jinan is really good. Incredibile, there are 9 canteens on campus including Muslim canteen. But for international students, No.9 canteen is a better choice. Because it is very near to International Student Apartment. 

Before I started to go to the university, my parents were worried about the accommodation. However, the fact is, the accommodation is really good and comfortable!

Of course that, these are just part of my campus life. I will tell you my life in University of Jinan next time.

How could I forget to mention, my cousin will be my schoolmate this September!

At last, Thanks to all the people that helped me!

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