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Indian New Couple Experienced Qing-Style Wedding in Anhui, China

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On January 18, it was bustling with noise and excitement at the Anhui Yuanquan Hui-culture Folk Museum. Hundreds of international students from 26 countries at five universities in Anhui province gathered here to hold a time-travel Qing-style wedding for a New Indian couple.

The 22-year-old bride and 23-year-old groom are now both medical interns in Anhui Medical University. They met each other when studying in Ahui Medical Universiry. Both of them are fascinated with Chinese traditional culture, that’s why they came with the idea to hold a Chinese traditional wedding. They said they would hold an Indian traditional wedding when they were back to their country, but they would be so proud to tell their friends in India that they had hold such a Chinese charasteritic wedding here in Huizhou.

This Qing-style wedding ceremony include many old Chinese traditions such as throwing silk balls, the bridal sedan chair, the three bows of the bride and groom, and serving the parents cups of tea. Here are some pictures of the wedding ceremony.

The groom was on the way to pick up his bride, with the  bridal sedan chair or "Hua Jiao" in Chinese.

The three bows ceremony. It is the most important part in a traditional Chinese Wedding and is often start at an auspicious hour which is particularly selected by divination. In the ancient time, a new couple will officially become husband and wife after this ceremony. The three bows are respectively to the parents, to the heaven and earth and to themselves each other. This picture above is the third bows.

The groom lifted the curtain for the bride. This part is right after the three bows. It is auspicious to lift the curtain with a Chinese scale beam.

The bride was ready to  throw the silk ball. This is quite similar to the nowadays'  bride throwing her bouquet. It implies that he lucky one who catches the ball will be the next one to get married.

The perfect match. May joy and happiness in their marriage.


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