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Story about Pouya: A Shinning Boy Studying in Shanghai Jiaotong University

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Pouya, who is currently studying in Shanghai Jiaotong university, becomes well known for his impressive performance in Chinese Bridge, a Chinese Contest hosted by Confucius Institute. Pouya has left a deep impression on the audience because he always shows up with the fun and loving energy. He came to study in China this year. Many of you must want to know more about his experience as a student in Shanghai Jiaotong University. Now let’s hear what he said.

Three main factors that influence my choice

Q::We’ve learned that you have already obtained a bachelor degree and even started your master study, then what makes you decide to change your major and restart your undergraduate study?
A: I attended many TV programs before and I started to realize that what I actually feel passionate about is screen directing. That is exactly what I want to pursue and make a difference with. I want to be engaged in a field that I feel passionate about.
Q: Doing what you like is really cool. Then why do you choose to study in Shanghai Jiaotong University?
A: there are three reasons. One is that the courses of screen directing in Shanghai Jiaotong University is exactly what I expect. You know, I want to choose a university with a screen directing related program. Shanghai Jiaotong University offers what I expect among those options. Also, Shanghai University is a top university in China. Many friends of mine recommended it to me. also, Shanghai is my favorite city in China. It is a vibrant city with a modern outlook. This is a university and city with endless opportunities.

What it’s like to study in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Q: What was it like to be a member of Shanghai jiaotong University? Is it the same as what you had imagined? Do you think you have made the right choice?
A: In fact, it is quite different.
Q: Oh, really? What makes you think that?
A: Don’t get me wrong. (laugh) I mean, I thought it would be difficult in the new environment. I was a little bit nervous, but when I arrived everyone was very welcoming which was wonderful. That’s not to say there’s no culture shock, but it makes it easier to adjust. it’s very convenient to get around although the campus is very large. Also, we’ve got a really nice football field. I usually love to play football with my friends. having such a lovely environment is fantastic.

Q: It seems that you are so proud of your university
A: Absolutely. Everything here is so amazing. Actually i have been to some other universities, but i think our university is the best!

Q: For international students, the most difficult part of studying abroad is having classes. Then how did it feel when you were having classes?
A: I feel quite good. Teachers will prepare the PPT before the class. Pictures and videos will be used to helps students to better understand the textbook.

Q: The schedule is very tight, then how do you balance your study and program recording?
A: As a student, i think study is the most important thing. I try and make sure that program recording will not interfere with my study. So I usually record programs on weekends or in the evening. My teachers are thoughtful and they give me a support.

"My schoolmates are quite friendly and welcoming here."

Q: How do you get along with your peers?
A: My peers are extraordinarily friendly and welcoming. My classmates are very nice. It’s interesting that I’m the youngest student in our class. Maybe that is because they spend one year learning Chinese. I think the international students in our university are very smart and motivated.

Q: What about your Chinese peers?
A: Some of them recognize me at once and call my name, and even take pictures of me.(laugh)

Q: Does this embarrass you?
A: Actually not. I feel happy that i can make so many good friends. And sometimes I even feel a little bit of proud. (laugh) but i hope my peers treat me as their students, not super star.

Q: Well, that is because people saw you on TV so they are very interested in you. Maybe it takes time for you to get used to this. (laugh)
A: I think so.

Q: Have you ever met some good friends?
A: Yeah, she is from Argentina. she is very kindhearted. She helps me a lot.

“I hope that I can tell about the tale of Silk Road in the documentary one day.”

Q: Do you have some goals during the four-year study?
A: I think study is the most important thing. I will spend most of my time studying those courses as it can further my understanding of directing and prepare me well for my future career. I also want to attend some extracurricular activities, especially documentary contest. I’m really into documentary and my dream is to direct the documentary about the Silk Road. This helps to promote the culture of Iran and China.
Q: Awesome! Hope your dream come true one day! Thanks for your time.

A: Thank you!

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