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Great Journey in Beijing

Views:556 Time:8/27/2013 3:31:44 PM
I’m Arzoo from Pakistan. I am in Peking University now. The school has a large library and the living condition is pretty good. I and another girl share one room. We have air conditioner, color TV, telephone, bathroom there.The schoolyard is beautiful mixing both oriental and western features. If you like Chinese culture, you’ll fall in love with the university like I do.

I have been in Beijing for one and a half years and I love the city very much. It is a vibrant city with a mysterious and ancient feeling. This is my first time to come Beijing but I have been to many other Chinese cities before like Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai. However, Beijing is my favorite city in China.

I have made many Chinese friends here in Peking university. Students here are very friendly and hospitable. It seems that they know a lot about my country Pakistan and some of them can even understand my mother tongue! I enjoy every talk I have with my Chinese schoolmates, as I can learn many things from them and practice my oral Chinese at the same time. My professors are of a wide range of knowledge and they all have their distinctive characters. It’s interesting. I remember Mr. Chen always like wear black shirt and he told us black is a cool color. I like colorful clothes and I like a kind of Chinese traditional clothes called “ qi pao”. I think it is beautiful.

It is SICAS that provided me with this opportunity, I want to sent my thanks to them. Thank you.