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Tired But Contented For The Day

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SICAS Student Service Team Member Delia picked up Sasha, who was admitted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, at Hankou railway station. They had a tired but contented day. 

Why? Follow the story, you will find the answer.

13:00 pm. SICAS Student Care Team Member Delia arrived at Hankou railway station, Considering Sasha might be thirsty after a long-time trip, Delia bought a bottle of water in advance. Thirty mimutes later, Sasha came out of the station. She felt happy and moved for Delian's considerate preparation of the water.

13:50 pm  Delia helped Sasha pulled the luggage and got out of the station to take a taxi to Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It took about one our to arrived in the university because of the traffice jam. To avoid Sasha felt boring and anxious, Delian introduced the local conditions and customs to her.

15:15 pm  When they got to the apartment,there were a lot of people waiting out of the apartment.

15:30 pm  Delian asked the dormitory keeper what should they prepare to check into the room.She told her that they should have a teacher’s permission paper. Delian asked the way and then they took the school bus to friendship apartment, That is the beginning of all the admission procedure.

17:00 pm  They got the admission procedure paper. 3 copies of Sasha's passport were needed. Sasha was worried because she did not prepare the copies in advance. Fortunately Delian was familiar with the surroundings of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, she took her to the printing room nearby and got the copies soon.

17:30 pm  With the help of Delian( SICAS Student Care Team Member), Sasha finished the first step of the admission paper and got the residence admission of the teacher in a short time.  Sasha chose to live in BoGingGe apartment, so they took the car back to the spot where they got off the car.

17:55 pm  The dormitory keeper said Sasha could not live in BoGingGe apartment unless she paid all the room expenses, but Sasha was sure that her dad had paid all the money to the university school account already. What should they do? After talking with the dormitory keeper, Delia realized that they need get the certificate from the teacher. So without a stop, they went to the international student office to get the certificate.

18:30 pm  The teacher told them that the university account only received the tuition fee, the other fees would be refunded to the original account. However, Sasha did not have enough money on hand, she was afraid of having no places to live in tonight.  Delia took Sasha to the bank to draw out 1000 RMB as a deposit, and she need to pay the rest money for the second day.

19:00 pm  Finally, they got into Sasha's room 1323. Both of them were very happy, though also very tired.

19:30 pm  Sasha wanna to buy some daily goods and foods,so Delia brought her to the supermarket nearby and helped her to choose.

Before leaving, Sasha and SICAS Student Service Team Member Delia made a plan for the next day, What kind of plan? What will they do the next day?

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