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My Application to University of Jinan Through SICAS

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 (Editor's note: Tadius  Nadiyya was admitted by University of Jinan, the following is her application story happened in China. Let's have a look.)

 My name is Tadius Nadiyya and I am one of these who was assisted in applying to a Chinese university through SICAS. 

After completing my advanced level studies, I went in search of a country offering good education at affordable fees. China became my first choice and I tried applying online but it seemed fruitless until a friend introduced me to SICAS. I quickly opened a SICAS account as instructed by my advisor. I started applying on December  8th and by the 27th I was informed that I had got admission at the University of Jinan study in my prefered choiceInternational Economics and Trade. All this own to my SICAS advisor who kept me in touch everyday. 

Tadius Nadiyya and SICAS Team memeber

Tadius Nadiyya\

SICAS did not end there but they continued till the day I arrived at my school even picking me up from the airport  and also helped in my accomodation.  What's impressed me is the moment when I needed police registration. Since I  know little about Chinese, the whole materials just like walking gnats for me. There was one time I felt afraid and anxious. However, SICAS Service Team member accompanied  me all the day and helped me  with filling out kinds of complicated forms. Before we come to the police station, he kindly reminded me of required documents including admission notice, visa application and so on, which seemed all indeed that day.  With help of the experienced SICAS Service member, I finished the necessary produres and got residence permit successfully.

Thanks to SICAS , I am doing my prefered degree at a very nice University.

SICAS ( Study in China Admission System) Welcomes you all to apply to study in universities in China.

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