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Vietnamese Student Shared Her Back to China Story

Views:908 Time:10/19/2022 12:00:00 AM

Hello international buddies, I am Hong Hanh, a Vietnamese student at SISU. Finally, I have got an opportunity to embark on life in China. It is the very first time I have traveled to this beautiful country after a long period of waiting, so the days before my journey to China were full of not only excitement but also worries. Many things can be done via QR codes in here, which could save a lot of time and reduce direct person-to-person contact in such a pandemic situation. However, I was in trouble when completing some procedures digitally as I had not got a domestic phone number during the early days in China. Fortunately, everything is getting alright thanks to great care and support from my beloved teachers and friends at SISU. Many of you who wish to come to China in the following time may have the same feelings as me. Hopefully, my sharing would somewhat help you guys minimize tension, being well-prepared for your return to school. And if problems arise, do not hesitate to ask your teachers and friends for help, you will feel great warmth from SISU family.


各位朋友们,大家好,我是来自越南的留学生文雅静VAN, HONG HANH。在经过漫长的等待后,我终于有机会来到中国,体验这里的生活啦。这是我第一次来到这个美丽的国家,所以出发的前几天,我既兴奋又担忧。当我真正来到中国后,我发现“二维码”真是一个神奇的东西,好多事情都通过一个小小的二维码来处理,这样既节省时间,也更加简单便捷。但是,在我最初来到中国的那一段时间里,由于我没有个人的国内手机号,所以在完成一些线上手续时遇到了很多麻烦。多亏了上外的老师和朋友们,在我每一次遇到困难时,他们都能伸出援手,所以我遇到的困难也都迎刃而解。我相信,大家也像我一样,对于上外之旅感到既激动又紧张,希望我的分享能帮助你们减少紧张情绪,也希望大家可以早日做好返校准备。如果遇到了困难,不要犹豫向老师和朋友寻求帮助哦,你一定会感受到来自上外大家庭的温暖。