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Listen To The Students Who Study In China

Views:544 Time:6/8/2021 7:29:42 PM
With the frequent exchanges in the world, lots of people choose to study abroad, experiencing different life. However, many people did not take action for various reasons, such as funding, country, discipline and so on. So how do those successful students apply to their favorite schools step by step? Do they have the same problems as most people in the application process? Today, we have collected interviews from several students. Let's listen to what they say.
1.“Could you introduce yourself”
“ Hello, I'm James, and I'm from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
“When did you come to China”
“ I came as soon as I received the admission from it. I'm very grateful for that. My advisor Nick helped me a lot. He helped me with my admission. ”
“Do you like your life now?”
“Now I have a good life, I like my campus, dormitory. ”
“How do you like China?”

“The people here are very friendly. I sincerely recommend

SICAS to friends studying abroad”

james,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Admission Letter

Q:“Why do you choose to study in China”

A:“Because I have a good experience in China”
Q:“How long have you been at BRCIC”
A:“It's been a year”
Q:“What do you think of studying here”
A:“Not bad”
Q:“How do you know about SICAS”
A:“My friend recommended me”
Q:“How do you feel about China”
A:“The people here are very good. There are

many delicious food and beautiful places. I like it very much”

Q:“What beautiful place have you been”
A:“I have been to Qingdao, Beijing”
Q:“What do you suggest for BRCIC”
A:“Teachers are very good, some people focus on character, some people focus on pronunciation and so on”

3.“Could you introduce yourself”
“My name is Abdullah”
“I'm very happy here, and I'm proud of SICAS. I'm from

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

“What do you think of China?”
“I think China is a very good country, because there is so many opportunities. ”
“What courses do you learn”
“I have studied many courses in China, and it is a good choice indeed.”

4."Where are you from"
"Why do you want to

study in China"

"China is developed in science and technology. I think it will be easier   and cheaper to study in China, which can provide me with

engineering learning, so I think China is the best choice."

"How long have you been at BRCIC?"
"Seven months"
"What do you think of learning here?"
"Where do you know about "
"My cousins are here too. They recommended it."
"What do you think of SICAS' service"
"Very good"
"What do you think of China"
"It's a very beautiful country and people are very friendly."
"Have you been to other cities besides Qingdao?"
"Yes, I have been to Shanghai."
"Are you going anywhere else?"
"Yes, maybe Shenyang and Hong Kong"

students of Shenyang and Hong KongShenyang and Hong Kong Admission Letter

5.“Hello, where are you from”
“Hello, my name is jachan. I'm from Zambia. ”
“When did you come here?”
“I just came to China yesterday. ”
“How did you finish the application?”
“I completed my application for studying abroad through SICAS system. ”
“How do you like it”
“It's really excellent and trustworthy, especially with their personal services. They helped me with my application, not only pick me up at the airport, but also arranged my accommodation.”

Under the epidemic situation, China is the safest country in the world, which undoubtedly attracts many international students. They generally believe that coming to China is safe and trustworthy, which allows them to walk on the street or go out alone at night. China's transportation system is very developed, and a variety of payment methods also provide great convenience. In addition,

the Chinese civilization is extensive and profound, with charming scenery, delicious food and kind people.