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Student Views from Amna Sami

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July 8, 2016A BIG THNK YOUDear Uni Mates & Devoted Fellows of UNIVERSITY OF LANZHOU,I am writing this note to express my gratitude & gratefulness for bestowing the unconditional care, support and facility you have provided for student like me and many others. This is only because of your concern, affection and attention by financing my higher education that I am able to peruse my higher education at one of the finest & prestigious institute of People’s Republic of China.

I would want every fellow of Lanzhou University to know that for us this support is a beacon hope, a warm and bright ray of light representing kind & caring people who are attentive to the plight of others. This aid is crucial and critical in many ways considering the various financial needs to continue the pursuit of education. May you be blessed for your kindness, graciousness & thoughtfulness which enables students like me to continue the struggle and by managing the household and all our educational requirements. This gives a great economical relief to our families back home who see their dreams being fulfilled with the love and affection of people like you.

There are plentiful things about the Lanzhou University & the teaching approach of yours which makes it stands out from other institutes and assembles it in a very special place but I would like to mention few of the vital features, attributes and practices below to share why this is a superior place for us.

Student Teacher Bonding; In university, it is often difficult to establish a great student/professor relationship. However, I spoke with some of my classmates and we all agreed that you have done a fantastic job of being an amazing, effective, yet different university instructor. You have been like a coach, a mentor and a guide to us. It is because of teachers like you this University has become an EXCELLENT organization.

Infrastructure; The quality of campus is unmatched. The campus, the environment the amenities and facilities here are designed create and learning atmosphere and the overall agronomics and ambiance is second to none.

Teaching & Coaching Methods; I believe it is also important for a university to be able and willing to teach in a variety of ways. This institution is defying the conventional ways of teaching like, coming to class, pulling out the notebook and pen, copying notes, and then leaving each time. Here we use advance audio visual methods of teaching, learn in interactive class participation, group discussions and student engagement activities, it keeps us engaged and we keep coming to class everyday with zeal and zest.

Class Engagement; To me the paramount & most effective way yours was the way you consistently used early class engagement. It seemed as if a lot of us were way more involved & absorbed throughout class when we started with a relevant discussion or activity at the beginning of class. At times we used to start with topic of the day, or revisited a previous lesson. I miss that early engagement in my other classes and recall how affective it had been. Thank you for introducing me to the unconventional and contemporary ways of lecture.

Creating relevance; Your lessons were easier to remember because you presented the opportunity to relate them to something we already knew. With every new lesson or term, you explained & gave a current real-life example. Most of these examples came from popular news stories, sports headlines, and entertainment topics, which helped even more. The way you conducted the lecture by walking around the sides while delivering lecture so every single student could hear you in the whole class room.

Your enthusiasm; I fed off your energy. It may seem Impossible to think university students could be alive, alert, awake, and energetic for an 8:00 am class three days a week but we always came excited to learn because of your radiant energy to teach. Professor’s constant smile and frequent jokes created such a light and positive environment in the classroom. We as students respected your authority, yet felt comfortable enough to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss comfortably to learn and to share knowledge. That’s an environment that only few lucky students get to truly experience.

Thank you for opening this door of opportunity, which is a huge step for me, and for giving me strength to peruse my dream and succeed in life to make a difference in many other’s life.

Thank you for everything University of Lanzhou. I owe a lot to you.

mna SamiMSC Program. (Environmental Sociology )

Source: Lanzhou University

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