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English-medium MBBS in China
MBBS is the most popular degree-course for international students studying in China. The official figures show that in 2010, around 15% of international students who study in China take English-medium MBBS courses.
China---the Most Favored Destination for English- medium MBBS Study
Now, you have a good option to fulfill your dream of being a decent doctor—come and study the English-medium MBBS in China. There’re five major reasons that makes China the most favored destination of MBBS study.
Course&University Duration Starting Date Application
Tuition Fee Application fee HSK
Pre-medical Program
Xuzhou Medical College
6 Months Mar.2017 Jan 15, 2017 CNY 12000
In total
150 USD Level 1 Add
Clinical Medicine (MBBS, Spring Intake)
Dalian Medical University
6 Years Mar.2017 Dec 31, 2016 CNY 42000
per year
135 USD Level 0 Add
Clinical Medicine(MBBS in English)
Liaoning Medical University (Jinzhou Medical University)
6 Years Mar.2017 Feb 26, 2017 CNY 32000
per year
150 USD Level 0 Add
Pre-medical courses
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
1 Semester Mar.2017 Feb 26, 2017 CNY 17500
In total
100 USD Level 1 Add