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The Giant Dragon Will Never Give Up

Views:817 Time:2/18/2020 12:00:00 AM

The outbreak of Corona Virus, give us a chance to learn crisis management from china, the way that China government deal with a situation is amazing, they were able to control the Wuhan City and all China. If this virus was spread in somewhere else the global will be in danger and out of the control.

The outbreak of Corona Virus showed that powerful of Chinese government, in dealing with the crisis in the other hand the trust of Chinese people in their governor capability.

Doubtless this hard time come to pass as many before. We believe in Chinese Government can overcome the situation, and win against Corona Virus. China will learn from this lesson and it will rise up again and become stronger than ever before.

We can tell the story to the world how Chinese people and government kindly treated us, look after us, take care of us, how Shanxi Normal University staff (ISO) take care and support us, how Chinese professors and supervisors pay attention to our health and encourage us and took care of us, we really learn a lot from you China, and give us so much, thank you so much China may GOD bless you. 

The sun will shine again WE ARE ALL CHINA we all pray for you China we are sure that you can pass this hardship and win the war. We love you China you are in our heart and in our soul.

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Article Source: Sudan student from Shaanxi Normal University