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Graduation Ceremony for Overseas Students

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On the morning of Jun. 28, the Graduation & Degree Awarding Ceremony for Overseas Students of Year 2019 (Summer) was held at the Academic Hall, in the first floor of the library. 150 Overseas students from 47 countries and regions had completed their studies and started a new voyage of life with the blessings of their relatives, teachers and friends.

At the ceremony, Wu Bin, the dean of the School of International Education, announced the Decision of Dalian Medical University on Awarding the Graduation Certificates to Overseas Students of Year 2019 (Summer) and the Doctorate, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees Respectively to Overseas Students of Year 2019 (Summer).

Followed by the announcement, Guan Youfei awarded the graduation certificates and degree certificates to doctorate, master candidates, undergraduates in this year before the turning-the-tassel ceremony. Led by the Sudanese student Babik, all the graduates solemnly took the oath.

Ghanaian student Sylvanus Kampo spoke on behalf of the postgraduates. Kenya student KIMANI SHARON IRENE KABURA spoke on behalf of the undergraduates. Guan Youfei delivered a cordial and sincere speech at the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was conducted in both Chinese and English. After the graduation ceremony, the School of International Education held a series of celebrations such as the Graduation Open Day, and took a group photo.

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