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CMU, Another Starting Point Of My Study

Views:773 Time:9/11/2015 3:56:54 PM

Kruger, accompanied by his mother, arrived in Shenyang on 9th Sep. He wanted to buy a phone card, however, either China Mobile was closed or other retailers could not sold one for a foreigner because of the real-name registration system.

They appointed the next day for buying the card. Now, Let's read the story.

8:30 am Met in the hotel and had breakfast together.

9:30 am Left the hotel for the China Mobile Hall.

11:40 am Took the subway to China Medical University.

1:06 pm  Arrived at the university and went to Kruger’s dormitory first.

1:45 pm Went to the building of International Education School in which Kruger could complete his register.

Have a visit of China Medical University