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Good News! JLJU Began to Receive Applications for 2016 Autumn Intake

JLJU graduates have been enjoying popularity among employers in the job market, and the employment rate has reached above 95%. 

The application for 2016  autumn intake is available in Jilin Jianzhu University  from April 30th, 2016 to September 15th , 2016Civil Engineering with scholarship seats are offered in JLJU this season.

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SICAS Warmly Remind: Be Aware of Following Things

Dear student,

Winter is coming, so please take care of yourself. And please be aware of following things:

It is deception when stranger asks for account transfer and direct deposit. Please dial “110” immediately.

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Hundreds of International Students Started A New Journey at Wenzhou Medical University

Weznhou Medical University 2015 batch freshmen students opening ceremony was held at Chashan campus Xuguang hall. 125 students from more than twenty countries including India, South Africa and the 20 members from Thailand Confucius Institute at Burapha University’s autumn camp gathered together to celebrate this unforgettable moment. President Qu Jia and leaders from relevant departments and secondary schools attended the ceremony.

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