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Views:763 Time:10/30/2023 12:00:00 AM

    Admission Express: Still have no clues how to find a suitable university? Still have no idea how to get admission 

    letter and apply scholarship? Still keep stalled, longing for information about universities in China? 


    Find the most comprehensive and accurate information of universities, scholarships, eligibility requirements.

    Bulletin: Find the latest breaking news and information on the universities in China, the scholarship deadline, hot 

    and popular courses among international students. 

    Check out most recent and up-to-date news here.

    Events: Over 13 years since the funding, SICAS has helped over 120,000 international students realize their 

    dream of studying in China. Thus the triangle relationship between SICAS, students and universities are closer. 

    How they interact and cooperate with each other? 

    Discover events that match your requirements, or your interests. 

    Interview: Interviews with presidents and international students from popular universities in China. Explore more 

    information about China’s universities, cities, international students’ colourful life, Chinese culture and so on. 

    Read more.