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My Experience in Wenzhou University (Part I)

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Why did I choose Wenzhou University?

Before coming to Wenzhou University, I worked as an Entrepreneur, I had my own IT company.

Figure1- Workplace in Ghana (2015)

One day I came across Wenzhou Universitywhile surfing the Internet and I started to research on the University. After my research,I was highly convinced that Wenzhou University was the best institution for me to pursue my Master’s program and to spur me on to greater heights in my career. Apart from the fact that the University had a speciality in Computer Science and Technology, the University’s China and World ranking was impressive. Finally, I also found out that the living condition in Wenzhou City was most favourable.

I am a top-class student and finished my bachelor degree with first-class honors so I had no intention of paying my tuition fees in my Master degree program. So, I was extremely happy to earn a full scholarship which included both tuition and accommodation fees waivers. I enjoyed the full scholarship throughout my entire Master’s Degree program.

Wenzhou City and Wenzhou University

Wenzhou is located in eastern China on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it has great and beautiful scenery and landscapes like mountains and lakes, natural reserves and islands. Except for summer which I find it to be extremely hot, the weather in Wenzhou is just great.

Figure2-The beautiful Wenzhou city

In Wenzhou University, I was impressed with the Administrative and teaching buildings,andthe environment (acres and acres of gardens, attractive flowerbeds and tree-lined avenues surrounding the buildings).These incredible views coupled with miles and miles of bike rides, distanced campuses (north and south campus) makes it very eye-catching.

Figure3 WZU South Campus

My Experience in learning Chinese

In order to overcome the language barrier, I took my Chinese classes seriously, made a lot of Chinese friends and communicated more with Chinese students. I also got close to most of my Professors and developed a good teacher-student relationship with them.

My ExperienceOutside of Academics

Outside of Academics, I was also part of thefour students community assistant members who helped the College of International Education with the management of International Students in the dormitories. I later was elected by voting as the president of the International Students Representative Council of Wenzhou University (from October 2017 – October 2018). With this council in place, we liaise with both the entire student body and the College of International Education to bridge the communication barrier while ensuring that students have the best of life on campus.

Studying at Wenzhou University has given me so many opportunities.Throughout my presidency, I related a lot with the local and international students, this helped me build a strong social-students network. With this network, I had the opportunity to participate in several career fairs, conferences and competitions in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou Cities. These competitions also helped me to expand and build stronger networks. After graduating in June 2019, I was given the opportunity to apply for a job position at the College of International Education, which I did and got employed. I’m now working as a Student’s Counselor at the College.

Figure4- Internet Plus Competition in Hangzhou

Figure5 - Technology Exhibition Fair in Guangzhou and Shanghai

Figure6 - Wenzhou University partnership with Wenzhou Medical Company 

to allow Ghanaian students do Internship with them