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Student from Ghana Wants to Be "The Bridge of China-Africa cooperation”

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26-year-old Lovr is quite welcome by overseas Chinese in Ghana. This Ghanaian girl has made a lot of help for China-Ghana Entrepreneurs in mutual exchanges and corporation. With fluent Chinese Mandarin she is very active at the parties held by local Chinese.

Lovr said: “When I studied in Beijing, my dream was making contribution to the development of China-Africa cooperation. I am still making efforts for it now.”
Before coming China, Lovr only watched the English version Journey to the West and knew nothing about China except some words like ShiFu, BaJie, HouGe and Chinese Kung Fu. She said“At that time, China was very unfamiliar to me and I am so eager for having different experience in this ancient oriental empire.
In 2006, Lovr got Chinese Government Scholarship and started her 4-year university life in Beijing Language and Culture University. Everything's hard in the beginning, she could only speak a word “NiHao” so she met a lot of troubles in the learning process. With the help of her teacher, she gradually became interested in Chinese Mandarin and finished studies with efforts, eventually, she got used to Chinese life.
“After backing hometown, I often miss China and my Chinese friends. I think China is another home to me. Because of studying in China, I have a deeper understanding for the Asia culture. So I want to get engaged to China-Africa Corporation work in the future.”Lovr said.
At the end of 2011, she accomplished her dream finally and had a job in the Ghana Office of China-Africa Development Fund. In the past 2 years, with the help of China steering team she began exploring how to promote China-Africa Corporation and African development.
“In my opinion, China is a fine example for Africa. We should learn from the routes and methods of Chinese development”. She said seriously, “African people need to change their innate thinking habit and absorb Chinese working methods such as efficiency, keeping faith and discipline. Only through hard-working can we make progress.”
With China-Africa Corporation increasingly close, more and more Ghanaian young people, like Lovr, are eager to study in China and make contribution to China-Africa Corporation.
According to statistics of China Embassy in Ghana, since 1998, there have been 549 Ghanaian students studying in China with Chinese Government Scholarship. In the past 5 years, Chinese Government has helped Ghana cultivate more than 1500 talents in different fields. This September, there will be 111 Ghanaian students to study in China, most of them majoring in Economics, Engineering, Science and technology, Chinese Language. Ernest Kwame Phooey is one of them.
“I always dreaming to study in China and learn from Chinese entrepreneurs. This is a golden opportunity!” Phooey said excitedly.
Phooey once worked at Construction Companies and banks in Ghana. This experience makes him understand the needs of China-Africa Corporation. “As far as I know, there are many Chinese enterprises want to have developments in Ghana but don’t know how to start. What’s more, many Ghanaians don’t understand Chinese Mandarin and how to communicate with Chinese.”

Phooey told us: “I hope I could be a consultant after I return to Ghana and help China-Africa enterprises in mutual understanding, corporation, exploring market and make contribution to the development for China-Africa corporation.”

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