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An Interview with International Student from Ghana Studying at Northwest Normal University

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In recent years, with the accelerated pace of the school's international education, more and more international students chose to study in China. They have become a beautiful scene of the Chinese universities.



(Today’s interviewee: Ataan African student from Ghana who is now studying at Northwest Normal University.)

ReporterPlease introduce yourself first.

AtaMy name is Ata. I come from Cofrituya, Ghana. I graduated from Ghana university which is the best in my country.First, I went to Lanzhou and studied Chinese for one year. And then I was accepted by Northwest Normal University. My major is Public management.

ReporterTell us about your hobbies.

Ata: Well, I like running, playing football and travelling in China.

ReporterWhere have you been? Which is your favourite city?

Ata: I have visited Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Gangu and Gaolan, also I went to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhuang. My favorite place is Shanghai. Because there are many foreigners and many Chinese speak great English. Over there, I could make lots of friends. The environment in Shanghai is wonderful. There are lots of amazing and unique buildings. As for Shenzheng, I think the development of electrical products is very fast. There are many interesting places in Gansu. For example, I went to Mogao Grottoes and climbed the Great Wall. The elephant mountain in Gansu is very beautiful. I think every travel means something to me. Thats why I like traveling. When I was a freshman, I took part in the sport meeting at school, and took a second place in 800 meters racing.

ReporterHow’s getting along with your classmates?

Ata: We really get along with each other. They usually ask me out to eat together. They really like me. We are good friends.

ReporterWhich teacher has the deepest influence on you?

Ata: I think in our department, every teacher is very excellent,especially my mentor Mr Zuo.

ReporterWhat do you think about the life in Lanzhou?

Ata:I think the meal is really cheap here. I like beef noodles, rice, chicken meat and veges.Also the clothes is cheap. The expense here is low. Thats one reason I chose to study in Lanzhou.


ReporterAre you used to live here?

Ata: The weather here is too different from my country. The winter here is too cold, and the summer here is too hot. In my hometown, we only have two seasons: dry season and wet season. But I do like summer here, cause I don’t like feeling cold.

ReporterWhat’s your future plan?

Ata: After graduation, I plan to do my phd in mainland China or Hongkong.Iwant to further my study in public management. For now, I have finished my paper and I have already handed to my mentor.

ReporterWhat impressed you most at university?

Ata: My mentor really helped me a lot, I am very grateful.Last year I and my friend went to Dunhuang to show our culture. We wore our own clothes and performed with our instruments. I think its very interesting. 

Source: Northwest Normal University official wechat account.

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