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An Interview with International Students from Africa Studying at Peking University

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During the COVID-19 epidemic, African students studying in China received equal and friendly treatment from all ways of life and felt the profound friendship between the Chinese and African people.They praised China's achievements in poverty alleviation and economic and social development and hoped to learn from Chinese culture, strive to realize their African dream and listen to the voice of China-Africa friendship together.

President Xi Jinping stressed in his speech that, in the face of COVID-19China and Africa have offered mutual support and fought shoulder to shoulder with each other. China and Africa have enhanced solidarity and strengthened friendship and mutual trust. China and Africa shall work together to build an even stronger China-Africa community with a shared future. Does this mean anything to Africans studying in China? Let’s hear their stories.

Those are five African student representitives from Peking University.

 Muhammad Nma Alfa

Chief Planning Officer, Ministry of Budget & National Planning, Nigeria

Student,Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, Peking University

Mutakila Ndolma Kawesha

Chief Officer, Cabinet of the President of Zambi

Student,Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, Peking University

Eric Mii Amu Okotokata Dofoo-amoo

Economist, Ministry of Finance, Ghana

Student,Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, Peking University

Kiru Sichoongwe

Economics Tutor, University of Zambia

Student,Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, Peking University

Gatwech Koak Nyuon

Director, National Ministry of Health, South Sudan

Student,Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, Peking University

Part I : My eye witness account of China’s Fight Against COVID-19.

1. Muhammad Nma Alfa: I was so impressed with the way the people, and the government of China really reacted. They took very decisive measures, cutting off a province from the whole entire country. The Chinese government is concerned about us. My school is taking excellent care of me.

2. Eric Mii Amu Okotokata Dofoo-amoo: The Chinese government puts in practicable measures. China’s efforts in carrying out (measures) in the face of COVID-19 is highly commendable. I am okay here. And also my academic calendar was not in any way disrupted.

3. Mutakila Ndolma Kawesha: The government was able to build a hospital overnight. Regulations that were laid out by the Chinese government were for my own safety and own good. China was able to be resilient and also to rise above the challenge. My experience has been different, but very comfortable.

4. Gatwech Koak Nyuon: When it happened, our school used to call us all the time, give us a lot of things, like food items.

5.Kiru Sichoongwe: I really thank them for their dedication as well as sacrifice. I am happy that life is beginning to come to normal.

Part II: China, a land of miracles.

1. Muhammad Nma Alfa: Within 40 years, China was able to grow this fast, its miraculous. One thing I realize us Chinese people’s resilience. If they want something, they take their time and go for it.

2. Mutakila Ndolma Kawesha: It’s made up of individuals who are hardworking. A responsible government which has demonstrated maturity worldwide.

3. Kiru Sichoongwe: China is a country that has moved from poverty to prosperity. China was able to lift over 680 million people out of poverty. China is a peaceful country, a peaceful place to be able to live in. I came here because I knew that I was going to be treated with dignity as well as respect.

4. Eric Mii Amu Okotokata Dofoo-amoo: China was able to focus on their country’s comparative advantage. Chinese approach to solving all their challenges is based on Chinese characteristics.

5. Mutakila Ndolma Kawesha: After my first visit in 2018, I chose to study in China to learn more about China’s development, its culture and its ethics.

Part III: Doing my bit in promoting China-Africa friendship.

1. Mutakila Ndolma Kawesha: China has been an all-weather friend to Africa. The relationship dates back to the 1960s. It would be beneficial to promote more cultural exchanges and capacity building programs.


2. Eric Mii Amu Okotokata Dofoo-amoo: Going forward, China-Africa ties can be enhanced. The encouragement of more bilateral trade agreements as well as exchanges of personnel.


3. Muhammad Nma Alfa: Anybody that comes here to study is an ambassador of China.


4. Gatwech Koak Nyuon: The only thing is that I was sent here to be a bridge between my country and China. For example if I am here in PKU, of course, I would carry a very positive message back home to my people.


5. Kiru Sichoongwe: I am willing to promote the relationship between China and Africa after my graduation.

IV: A few more words to China.

1. Mutakila Ndolma Kawesha: China and Africa are good friends.


2. Muhammad Nma Alfa: China-Africa friendship.


3. Gatwech Koak Nyuon: I love China.


4. Kiru Sichoongwe: I love China.


5. Eric Mii Amu Okotokata Dofoo-amoo: Welcome to Africa.


Source: Information Office, International Development, Central Committee, Communist Party of China

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