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A Busy but Meaningful Day
Editor note: Beatrice, a pretty girl from Italy, is going to study Business at Fudan University. The first day was extremely busy because there were tons of issues needed to be dealt with. Beatrice was totally at a loss facing those problems. And the language barrier strengthened the the sense of helplessness. Thanks to our student service team member, Sally, everything went smoothly and Beatrice was able to integrate into the new environment.

We met at the China Mobile Store at 8:30 in the morning and we bought the SIM card. Then I showed her around in the campus. We visited several main attractions in Fudan University and took photos there. Beatrice said she would posted these photos on her Twitter to show off the university she felt proud of.  we went to the International Student Office to enroll in the course. I compared several transport modes and then suggested that Beatrice take the underground.Then we bought a metro card at the station.