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Guidelines for Students

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Choose a Course

Deciding what to study in China requires lots of research. You can guide your students to find an ideal course from the following aspect:

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SICAS online course database supports counselors in helping International applicants apply to China’s universities for their favorite courses. In order to help your students complete the SICAS on-line application, SICAS makes the following simple instructions which you can guide them to follow.

Track Admission Status

The part of 'Track Admission Status' can only be available for you when your students have completed the first three steps (Complete application form online, Upload required application documents, Pay application fees/Send application documents to University)
. In general, it only takes 1-3weeks for your students to receive their Admission Letters or to know if they are refused by the university.

Scholarship & Accommodation

SICAS offers a wide range of scholarships for International students. If your students apply for China's universities through SICAS, they will have opportunities to apply for SICAS scholarships and other scholarships worth up to USD 6,500. Besides,
Only 3 steps, your students can book accommodation on campus successfully.


When your students apply to a Chinese University through SICAS, they need to pay:

1. SICAS processing fee

When your students first apply through SICAS online admission system, SICAS will charge a processing fee of 50 USD. They can apply for up to 7 courses after the payment of this fee. The SICAS processing fee is collected for maintaining and updating SICAS online system as well as offering students’ supporting services.

2. University's application fee

Based on the agreements between SICAS & China’s universities, SICAS does the collection of application fees for universities. Your students have to pay the application fee so that the university can process their application. The application fee of a Chinese university is usually between 60-120 USD depending on schools and types of courses. Since Chinese universities only accept payment in RMB, SICAS will help them convert the foreign exchange to the university.