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Is Chinese that difficult?

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Recently, a traditional Chinese song called 《一剪梅》goes virus on the internet. Cyber citizens get more and more familiar with the lyrics Xuehuapiaopiao. They even put into all kinds of situations and express different feelings. Studying Chinese fever has gripped the non-Chinese speaking learners.


The same as English, Chinese level would be defined by HSK. HSK1 is the most basic, and HSK6 meas you totally master this language. The following chart shows the comparison between HSK 2 & HSK 3 and CEFR ( The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. )


As a new starter, you may need this learning Chinese Starterpack.

你说什么 = What are you saying?/What did you say?  

我听不懂 = I don't understand (when someone's talking to you, more like "I don't understand what you said")  

我会说一点点 = I can speak a little  

中文很难 = Chinese is hard  

是的 = Yes (situational)  


你可以再说一次吗?= Can you repeat yourself?  

我不是中国人 = I'm not Chinese  

我喜欢中国 = I like China  

最好我们说英文 = It's best we stick to English  

对的 = Right, yes (agreement, also situational)

If you want to master this new language, Chinese characters are the most important and difficult part for you. For example, if two characters sound exactly the same, they has different meanings according to the situation. 


Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are the most basic parts to learn a new language.

One gold principle is that practice makes perfect.

If you study by yourself, its easy to get bored and no one can help you answer the questions you have during the studying. How to deal with this? No need to worry. No matter you are a new starter or self learner, you deserve a talented online tutor ( who can teach you native Chinese and help you learn it easier and faster. However, some students find that its not easy to start from scratch especially during this epidemic time. That’s why online courses become necessary. If you want to learn Chinese online, anytime & anywhere, Lus-Han should be your best choice.


What is Lus-Han

Lus-Han is an online service provider, only for learning Chinese online, with a unique teaching style of learning Chinese & Culture online and interacting with the largest number of real native certified Chinese tutors anytime & anywhere! Up to now, Lus-Han has conducted over 10 million classes in 200+ countries.


Why Lus-Han

Learn Chinese online, anytime & anywhere

Native Chinese Teacher one for one teaching

High-quality system of teaching

24/7 live interaction with teachers

HSK test preparation

More scholarship chance for studying in China


Course Provided


Daily Chinese

Business Chinese

HSK Exams


How It Works

1. Check a tutors schedule and book a date & time that works for you.

2. Tutor will confirm his/her availability for the lesson.

3. Show up on WeChat/QQ at specified date & time and enjoy the lesson!



Choose Your Favorite Tutor

 All Lus-Han tutors are authentic mainland Chinese, born in real Chinese family, grew up with the pure Chinese logic & culture DNA.


Testimonials from students

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Whatsapp: +86-15318861816 


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