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How to Prepare Application Form

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Recently, several students have been found that there were some mistakes on their JW202 form. For example, the home address is not complete or financial support information is not the one as the same as their bank statement. SICAS helped them contact the university and correct the information on time. Though these students finally get their X1 visa, they have to spend more time and energy on it since the JW202 form is same information from application form. In order to help new students to prepare application form in quick and correct way, there are some tips for you.


You can finish application form on SICAS website or fill in offline.

Note: Filling the form on the website is preferable sue to its accuracy.


(1) Personal Basic information, like Given Name, Family Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number which must be consistent with passport information.


(2)Valid Home Address must be accurate to building number, street, city, state, country.


(3)Family Information must include your parents` name, occupation and phone number.


(4)Education Background: study period should to detailed to month and year, school name should be full name instead of short name, filed of study &diploma received should be detailed with the major you studied especially for master and Phd. applicants.


(5)Work experience: If you were a graduate of previous years, you need to fill in your work experience.


(6)If you are a self-support student, you need to fill in your financial sponsor`s name, phone number, address and the relationship with you. Some embassies may ask the bank statement of your sponsor so be sure that the sponsor`s same you filled in is consistent with the name on your bank statement.

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