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Eden’s Experience with SICAS

Views:543 Time:7/23/2019 12:00:00 AM

(Note: Eden is a SICAS student from Jamaica, studying Computer Science and Technology in Tianjin University now)


My name is Eden, from Jamaica. Here I am in China now! I’ve been here for three months. It’s such a beautiful country and Chinese people are friendly and nice. They helped me a lot, especially the SICAS team. I really wanted to study in China one year ago but I had no idea how I could make it. I was very confused about all the procedures of applying a university in China. Luckily I found SICAS.


They helped me to check universities and majors, offering me detailed information and told me what materials I should prepare. They were very patient and professional. Finally, I was admitted by Tianjin University, majoring in Computer Science. I like the university very much and teachers are also very good. My classes are taught in English and we also have a very nice library. I like reading books and doing my homework there. I’ve learned a lot and also attend some activities. I do enjoy my life here.


I was excited and also a little worried about my first arrival to China, because I didn’t speak Chinese well. I arrived quite late at 1 a.m. but I saw the SICAS team at the exit which ensured me a lot. They helped me to handle with my credit card, SIM card, physical examination, accommodation and registration.


Therefore, I really want to say thank you to the SICAS team. You made my dream come true! Thank you for your efforts and time. I’d like to give my best wishes to SICAS team in the hope that it can be better and better in the better and help more overseas students.


Love, Eden

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