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Why study in SJTU

Heritage of excellence

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was founded in 1896 as Nanyang College. Carrying on the tradition of “high starting points, a solid foundation, strict requirements, and keenness on practice and innovation,” SJTU has nurtured over 200,000 talents who have been working all over the world. Among them are famous statesmen such as Jiang Zemin and “The Father of Chinese Aerospace,” Qian Xuesen. There are other famous scholars such as the great master of mathematics, and winner of the first National Supreme Scientific Technology Award, Wu Wenjun and also, Wang Zhenyi who was the winner of the Kettering Prize for cancer research. Over 200 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering are SJTU alumni.

The university enjoys national prestige and is a leading research-oriented and comprehensive university in China. A great number of SJTU alumni have made prominent achievements in recent years in various fields including IT, finance, manufacturing, etc.

Great facilities and vibrant campus life

With SJTU situated in Shanghai, the most dynamic city in East Asia, its students and faculty enjoy both serene campus life and abundant offerings of this culturally rich and diverse city. The nearby Zizhu Science Park, with over 100 enterprise research centers, forms a strong atmosphere for innovation and R&D as well as promoting vigorous interaction between the academic community and industry through the fostering of innovative talents.

The five campuses of Xuhui, Minhang, Luwan, Qibao and Fahua of the university take up an area of around 400 hectares, housing a variety of activities from student life, athletics, and entertainment to research with laboratory facilities among the best in China.

SJTU libraries provide students with over 3.08 million paper books, over 5,000 periodicals and 3.05 million electronic documents. The campus network, with an enormous amount of resources, has become a digital platform for faculty members and students to enhance their work and studies.

SJTU has a large number of student associations so that its students can fully exert their abilities and make the most of their time here. There are more than 150 student associations, covering almost every area of interest that students might have. And SJTU students have won numerous awards in international competitions on science, engineering innovation, art and athletics.

Strong faculty and academic programs

SJTU boasts a great number of experts and scholars with international prestige. It now has fifteen members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, nineteen members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, eighty eight accredited professors and chair professors of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program,” fifty nine recipients of National Science Funds for Outstanding Youth, sixteen leading scientists of the National Program 973, six scientists of the Key Scientific Research Program and seven winners of the National Master Teacher Award.

SJTU now has 20,300 full-time undergraduate students, 19,100 master degree candidates, 9,000 Ph.D. candidates and 5,500 overseas students. It also boasts twelve state-level teaching bases and talent cultivation bases. Fourty courses have been recognized as National Model Courses, and cumulatively, twenty eight Ph.D. dissertations have been awarded National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations.

Leading research

With twenty five schools in various disciplines, SJTU has forty nine national key disciplines, nine national key academic programs at the primary discipline level, eleven national key academic programs at the sub-discipline level, one state laboratory (under construction), six state key laboratories, four state key engineering research centers and two open laboratories of the National Project 863 for the High-Tech Network.

SJTU is constantly strengthening itsacademic innovation. Winning 23 awards for National Science
and Technologyin 2008 and 2009,  SJTU is making pivotal breakthroughsin its scientific research. Its
number of SCI-indexed andEI-indexedpapers ranked nationally among top 4 for2004 to 2008. The numberof patents applied ranked among top 3. Annual research funds, from 2005 to 2009, obtained by SJTU exceeded one billion yuan.

International perspective

SJTU students have wide access to international opportunities – with the rapidly expanding portfolio of international exchanges, students and faculty of a world-class university have vast opportunities to meet and visit top universities all around the globe. University of Michigan, MIT, Georgia Tech, Cornell and research institutes such as RAND are only a few among the list of institutions and organizations in close cooperation with SJTU.
During 2009, SJTU received over 6,600 overseas visitors, hosted 54 international academic conferences and engaged 96 long-term foreign experts. In addition, there are more than 5,500 overseas students coming to SJTU each year.