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Mountain Tai

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(Editor's Note: Ama Yeboah Boakye got admitted by Taishan Meidcal University through SICAS Adivisor Lisa's help. Here is a thanks letter wriiten by himself. Let's have a look. )


My name is Ama Yeboah Boakye.  My dad told me about SICAS and how they helped students get admission to top universities in China to study courses of their choice. I logged on to the website and was given a course adviser Lisa who guided me in choosing courses and leading me all matters that needs attention.When I was little, I was determined to become a doctor. I told Lisa about my ideas and then she recommended Taishan Medical University for me. I was excited because I knew Taian,Shandong Province was famous for Taishan Mountain.Since I am fond in sports as well as climbing so much. What a fun is it to study in Taian! After making decision,I sent all the necessary documents to Lisa and she helped me apply and get the  JW202 visa quickly. I believe it must be a hard work,however Lisa made it easy for me.

Obviously,she is such an experienced adivisor. I arrived in China  about a week ago and I'm in my school ready to start lessons now. 

To be honest,SICAS is indeed the best agency. Special thanks to Lisa for her help and patience.Thank all the SICAS Team!

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