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MBBS in China

Bright Employment Prospects for MBBS Study in China

Firstly, it’s possible to be a foreign doctor in China. If foreign MBBS students would like to be a doctor in China, China’s foreign hospitals are offering substantial opportunities. Today, to meet the requirements of increasing foreigners in China, a great many foreign hospitals provide foreigners with medical care. Usually the monthly wage of this job is about 10,000$.
Another good choice is to be a doctor in your home country or other countries. With a medical degree bestowed by China’s medical university, you are qualified to attend medical licensing examination in different countries.

Besides, you can also work in local medical companies or multinational corporations in China or other countries. Overseas students who study MBBS in China are considered to be the most suitable people as expatriates because they are bi-lingual medical professionals with in-depth understanding of medical field as well as cultures both in China and in his home country. They are even paid much higher than doctors.

It’s also great to work as an administrative officer in official medical organizations or a researcher in medical research centers where MBBS graduates are needed. The job will provide you with high social status and great development platform.

Student's Words

    " You should plan beforehand where you’d like to work after graduation. If you want to stay in China, learn Chinese well.”

 Abhijeet Gosh, from Pakistan, has studied MBBS in Central South University for five years. After graduation, he passed the medical license examination in China and became a doctor in Shanghai Huadong hospital in Shanghai.”

   " Shandong University's MBBS program allowed me to believe and feel proud in myself as I took control of my destiny in achieving my aim of completing Medical education and feels me to be a good doctor in future. Our teachers not only taught us how to face challenges being a doctor but also how to care about people.”

Hodari Mqulu, from South Africa, has studied MBBS in Shandong University for 5.5 years. Having finished his medical degree in China, he returned to his home country and applied for the Health Professionals’ Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Now, he’s a doctor in a famous hospital in South Africa.

   " There is a shortage of medical professionals in Uganda, so the MBBS students from China are very popular here. It’s really worthwhile to study medicine in China.”

Mutyaba Michael Romeo, from Uganda, studied MBBS in Weifang Medical University in China for five years and works now as a pharmacist in the State Drug Administration in Uganda after he returned from China. Benefit from his experience of study medicine in China, he received many job offers from local hospitals, drug companies and local government. Finally, he chose to work as a pharmacist in the SDA. In his work, he translates the Chinese instructions for medicine and help with the communication between Uganda SDA and Chinese foreign aid medical teams.