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SICAS Indian Students Arrived in Dalian

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March 23th, 2014 Dalian 

On March 23th, 2014, SICAS Students Service Team Members went to Dalian Zhou Shuizi International Airport, to pick up the SICAS students, who will study in Dalian Medical University  for MBBS (bachelor's degree, in English) from March, 2014. 

7:15 pm With more than 8 years of working experience, SICAS Students Service Team Member, Mr. David, was waiting for the students patiently. 

SICAS had prepared SICAS "Plus Gift"  including  SICAS Summer Camp bag , SICAS Student Handbook, SICAS winter coat, SICAS Stationary (Notebook, Pen) for each student. 

8: 03pm SICAS students safely arrived at Dalian and received SICAS " Plus Gift"  

8:05 SICAS students are excited to try on SICAS winter coat

"The temperature in Dalian is much lower than my hometown, thanks for their careful preparation, SICAS winter coat makes me feel warm", said Jamod, one of the Indian students 

SICAS students are excited to try on SICAS winter coat

8:08 pm SICAS Students Service Team Member, Mr. David and the Indian Students at Dalian Zhou Shuizi Airport 

8:10 By the lead of SICAS Students Service Team Members, SICAS students were walking out the tunnel, departure to SICAS Airport Pick Up Coach.

8:12 pm SICAS Airport Pick Up Coach were waiting for SICAS Students 

8:17 pm SICAS students felt relaxed in SICAS Airport Pick Up Coach 

8:18 pm With everything well arranged,  SICAS students are ready to their destination, Dalian Medical University.

" Without SICAS Students Service Team Member`s help, I might drag my heavy baggage and find myself lost in the darkness at this time.  I do not need  to worry about go to wrong destination. Just a nap in the coach , I will arrive at my university " , words from Nayak. 

It is about 40 minutes from Dalian Zhou Shuizi Airport to Dalian Medical University. After arrival, SICAS Students Service Team Members took the students to dinner. 

SICAS Student Solanki

SICAS students chatted happily during the dinner 

After dinner , students smoothly completed the accommodation procedures and moved into the international student apartment with the help of SICAS Students Service Team Members. 

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