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Janeth and Karima`s Happy Shopping Day
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March 25, 2014 

Learn how to use public transportation


In order to help Janeth and Karima adapt to use the public transportation and know where to go shopping in Beijing, we specifically chose to go shopping by bus.

At bus station

Guide them how to protect personal property on the bus

Shopping for Shoes

Pick out shoes

Pick out shoes

They felt tired, I went on picking out suitable shoes for them

Shopping for Clothes

Feel a little bit confused to choose from too many brands

Successfully buy the suitable shoes and clothes

Shopping for Quilts

Picking out good and inexpensive quilts

Picking out good and inexpensive quilts

Learn how to pay cash

Not all shops in China accept payment through bank card. Thus, I show Janeth and Karima how to draw money through ATM and how to pay cash.

Draw money through ATM

Chat Cheerfully

Show them how to pay cash at the checkout

A happy shopping day 

Get things they need

A happy shopping day

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