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Janeth and Karima`s Registration on Campus and Lunch at KFC

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March 24th, 2014

Problem we met when do registration on Campus 

We appointed to meet Janeth and Karima at the entrance of their apartment building at 9:00 am to do registration. Half an hour passed, they did not show up on time again. We knocked their room. The funny result was they still lived in Tanzania Time.  

After we reach the Students` Administration office, problem went up again, they did not bring enough tuition fee. Janeth and Karima felt nervous and didn`t know what to do. I phoned their parents and explained the situation, their parents said they would transfer the money as soon as possible. After negotiation, due to Janeth and Karima are SICAS students, the teacher agreed them to pay part of tuition fee first. Then we headed to the Bank of China to open an account for each of them and inform their parents the bank number. 

Opening a Debit Card

KFC for Lunch 

It`s already lunch time when we went out from the bank. Karima said she was ready ready to eat  Chinese food so we went to KFC. 

I help them bought the food 

Enjoy their food 

I was explaining what they need to know when first in China

They felt happy and relaxed after lunch

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