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John Moses`s First Week in University of Jinan

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( Editor`s note: John Moses, a SICAS student from Nigeria, is learning Chinese in University of Jinan. He booked SICAS "Plus Service Package"  which is Admission- Grantee and  One-stop Service Package.  The following  is part of  work diary of  SICAS Student  Service Team Member Libin who accompanied John the first whole week. )

November 14, 2013

14:50—15:10pm  I went to John’s dorm.

15:10—16:30pm  we went to the teacher’s office. John gave his admission notice, passport, result of body-check, etc.  to the teacher. But he didn't hand in the school fee, so we went out to take money from the Agriculture Bank of China.

17:10—17:50pm  we went back the teacher’s office. The teacher was a little busy.  We decided to give the money tomorrow. He handed in the book fee, so he can have class tomorrow.

SICAS Team Member Linbin is guiding John to fill in the registration form in the teacher`s office. 

November 15, 2013 

18:00—18:30pm  I went to John’s apartment. (he got a Chinese name called Qiaoyuan乔远) 

18:30—19:00pm  We got together to the night market.

19:00—21:00pm  John bought washing-up liquid  for for cleaning the toilet and the floor in the night market. John wanted to buy some coat there. So I took him to clothes shop. He picked one black coat in the first shop but didn’t buy it. We went to the second shop. He liked the brown one very much. But there’s no suitable size for him. So I left my telephone number to the clerk there who will notice me when they get the coat.

21:10—21:40pm we return school.


John is trying the back coat in the first store

John enjoys the brown Jacket in the store

November 16, 2013

18:00—19:00pm John, my classmate and I, we went to the supermarket in our campus. He bought hangers, toilet paper and some other stuff.

John, accompanied by SICAS Student Service Team Member Libin  is choosing hangers 

John, accompanied by SICAS Student Service Team Member Libin  is choosing hangers 

November 17, 2013

3:00—3:30pm  John told me that he was afraid of sleeping on upper bed. We went to the teacher’s office. I asked the teacher for the problem of John’s accommodation. The teacher said that they have known the situation from SICAS. They will deal with the problem in two days. John was happy to hear that.

John had his Chinese classes today in the morning. He said that he felt great to have the class, and he likes Chinese very much. He hopes to learn Chinese very well soon and communicate with my classmate and I in Chinese fluently. 

November 18, 2013

12:00—13:00pm  I took John to the new apartment. John was satisfied with the environment and bed. He had Chinese painting class at 13:30pm. So we found a taxi to take his luggage to the new room after his class. 

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