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I Can't Wait the Coming of This Day

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(Editor`s note: Karima, a student from India, is going to study MBBS in Dalian Medical University taught in English from the beginning of March, 2014)

Why Study in China

I decided to become a doctor and dreamed of studying abroad when I was just a child . One day in high school, I happened to read an article which gives brief introduction to top Chinese  medicine universities, including their advanced teaching and research facilities as well as a good experimental conditions. This further strengthened my determination to study medicine in China.

Why Choose SICAS 

For more information, I began to search medicine universities in China and tried to apply online by using the universities` official website. However, most information provided  are in Chinese that just looks like hieroglyphic to me. Even there are English version, finding out  where to start and how to choosing a right  course from a number of different kinds of articles and buttons is really a tough job. 

When I am going to give up application, a friend whose cousin is studying in China recommended SICAS to me. I entered SICAS on Google Search and visit its homepage. To my surprise, I found  the Course Search and School Search button at the first glance.  I clicked Course Search and then find more than 150 universities opens for MBBS programs just within a few steps. After comparing the tuition fee and others,  I finally choose Dalian Medical University which is  recognized by  WHO, UNESCO, CSC, CMC and located in a beautiful coastal city Dalian

About the Application

I registered on SICAS and own my SICAS Adviser Lisa. With her professional guidance, I complete the application form, uploading the required material, submitting the application fees smoothly. Three days later, Lisa told me that I was accepted by Dalian Medical University. The speed is so fast that I couldn`t believe it until I tracked my admission status and previewed my Admission Letter. After accepting the admission, I got the original of my Admission Letter and JW 202 in Just a few days. 

I am going to start my study in China in March 6th. How I wish the coming of this day!

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