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My SICAS Experience——Harrout(from Pakistan)

I am currently studying my Master’s degree of English taught Petroleum Engineering in China University of Petroleum (Huangdao Campus). I have been to China twice for touring and I like the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere here. I think Chinese universities have good teaching resources and actually many universities can open English-taught courses. I decided to apply for a Master’s program in a Chinese university.

At first, I felt puzzled about which university to choose and had no idea how to apply. By accident, I entered a forum and found SICAS (Getting Universities and College Admission Service). SICAS was exactly what I needed. It is the largest and fastest on-line application service system I ever used. SICAS allowed students to search for the suitable programs either by city or by courses. I was really impressed all the details were listed: the costs, programs, duration, etc. The application is also quite nicely-organized and much humanized. You can finish the on-line application within 20 minutes if the connection speed is okay. The admission letter, if you are approved, will be posted to your address. I still remembered the moment I got the admission letter; I felt I was lucky to choose SICAS.

As is said “No one is perfect”, SICAS still needs to grow and improve. I found out the speed of uploading documents was slightly low. But I was not sure if it was caused by SICAS or not. Further, it would be nice if SICAS offers more service like touring guide and hotel reservation, etc.

Besides, the last thing SICAS needs to improve is including more courses. Almost all the universities have several programs for international students and if SICAS can represent all of them, it will offer more choices to applicants.

Anyway, thanks for the service and help. SICAS will be the best if you keep your style and serve students from the heart!